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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Electrotechnical
Section Name: Rotating Machinery (ETD 15)

IS 325 (pdf)
IS 325 (txt)
1996Three-phase induction motorsIEC 60034-1
IS 900 (pdf)
IS 900 (txt)
1992Code of practice for installation and maintenance of induction motors
IS 996 (pdf)
IS 996 (txt)
2009Single-phase a.c. industrial motors for general purpose
IS 1231 (pdf)
IS 1231 (txt)
1974Dimensions of Three-phase Foot-mounted Induction MotorsIEC 60072
IS 2223 (pdf)1983Dimensions of flange mounted ac induction motorsIEC 60072
IS 2253 (pdf)
IS 2253 (txt)
1974Designation for types of construction and mounting arrangement of rotating electrical machinesIEC 34-7
IS 2254 (pdf)
IS 2254 (txt)
1985Dimensions of vertical shaft motors for pumps
IS 2968 (pdf)1964Dimensions of Slide Rails Electric Motors
IS 2972-1 (pdf)1979Textile motors, Part 1: Loom motors
IS 2972-2 (pdf)1979Textile motors, Part 2: Card motors
IS 2972-3 (pdf)
IS 2972-3 (txt)
1979Textile motors, Part 3: Spinning frame motors
IS 3682 (pdf)
IS 3682 (txt)
1966Specification for Flameproof Alternating Current Motors for Use in Mines
IS 4029 (pdf)
IS 4029 (txt)
2010Guide for Testing Three Phase Induction Motors
IS 4665-1 (pdf)
IS 4665-1 (txt)
1984Portable electric motor-operated_tools, Part 1: General requirements and tests
IS 4665-2 (pdf)
IS 4665-2 (txt)
1984Portable electric motor-operated tools, Part 2: Specific requirements for tools
IS 4758 (pdf)
IS 4758 (txt)
1968Methods of Measurement of Noise Emitted by MachinesISO/R 495
IS 4889 (pdf)1968Methods of Determination of Efficiency of Rotating Electrical MachinesIEC 2 D
IS 5422 (pdf)
IS 5422 (txt)
1996Turbine type generatorsIEC 60034-3
IS 6362 (pdf)
IS 6362 (txt)
1995Designation of Methods of Cooling of Rotating Electrical MachinesIEC Pub 34-6
IS 7132 (pdf)
IS 7132 (txt)
1973Guide for testing synchronous machinesIEC 60034-1
IS 7306 (pdf)
IS 7306 (txt)
1974Methods for determining synchronous machin quantities from testsEC 60034-4
IS 7538 (pdf)1996Three-phase squirrel cage induction motors for centrifugal pumps for agricultural applications
IS 7572 (pdf)
IS 7572 (txt)
1974Guide for Testing Single-phase AC and Universal Motors
IS 7816 (pdf)
IS 7816 (txt)
1975Guide for testing insulation resistance of rotating machines
IS 8151 (pdf)1976Single-speed three-phase induction motors for driving lifts
IS 8223 (pdf)
IS 8223 (txt)
1999Dimensions and Output Series for Rotating Electrical MachinesIEC 60072 -2
IS 8789 (pdf)1996Values of performance characteristics for three-phase induction motors
IS 9283 (pdf)
IS 9283 (txt)
1995Motors for Submersible Pumpsets
IS 9283 (pdf)
IS 9283 (txt)
2013Motors for Submersible Pumpsets
IS 9320 (pdf)
IS 9320 (txt)
1979Guide for testing of direct current (dc) machines
IS 9582-1 (pdf)1980Single-phase electric motors for definite purposes, Part 1: Domestic laundry machine motors
IS 9628 (pdf)
IS 9628 (txt)
1980Three-phase induction motors with type of protection 'n'
IS 9670 (pdf)
IS 9670 (txt)
1980Direct current micro motors for cassette tape recorders and other applications
IS 9919 (pdf)
IS 9919 (txt)
1999Guide for Selection and Use of Carbon Brushes in Electrical Rotating Machines
IS 10534 (pdf)
IS 10534 (txt)
1983Method of Measurement of Airborne Noise Emitted by Gas Turbine InstallationsISO/DIS 6190
IS 11537 (pdf)
IS 11537 (txt)
1985Centrifugal switch for single phase induction motors
IS 12065 (pdf)
IS 12065 (txt)
1987Permissible limits of noise level for rotating electrical machinesIEC 60034-9
IS 12066 (pdf)
IS 12066 (txt)
1987Three-phase induction motors for machine tools
IS 12075 (pdf)2008Mechanical Vibration of Rotating Electrical Machines with Shaft Heights 56 mm and Higher - Measurement, Evaluation and Limits of Vibration Severity
IS 12615 (pdf)
IS 12615 (txt)
2011Energy Efficient Induction Motors - Three Phase Squirrel Cage
IS 12642 (pdf)
IS 12642 (txt)
1989Brush-holders for slip rings group R-Type RAIEC Pub 60778
IS 12802 (pdf)
IS 12802 (txt)
1989Temperature-Rise Measurements of Rotating Electrical Machines
IS 12824 (pdf)
IS 12824 (txt)
1989Types of Duty and Classes of Rating Assigned to Rotating Electrical Machines
IS 12998-1 (pdf)
IS 12998-1 (txt)
1991Method of measurement of airborne noise emitted by rotating electrical machinery, Part 1: Engineering method for free-field conditions over a reflecting planeISO 1680-1
IS 12998-2 (pdf)
IS 12998-2 (txt)
1991Methods of Measurement of Airborne Noise Emitted by Rotating Electrical Machinery, Part 2: Survey MethodISO 1680-2
IS 13079 (pdf)
IS 13079 (txt)
1991Stepping Motors
IS 13107 (pdf)
IS 13107 (txt)
1991Guide for measurement of winding resistance of an ac machine during operation at alternating voltageIEC Pub 279
IS 13364-1 (pdf)
IS 13364-1 (txt)
1992ac generators driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine, Part 1: Rated up to 20 kVAIEC 60034-1
IS 13364-2 (pdf)
IS 13364-2 (txt)
1992ac generators driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine, Part 2: Rated above 20 kVA and upto 1250 kVAIEC Pub 60341
IS 13466 (pdf)
IS 13466 (txt)
1992Brushes for Electrical MachinesIEC Pub 60136, 467, 773
IS 13525 (pdf)
IS 13525 (txt)
1992Flexible Conductors for Carbon Brushes
IS 13529 (pdf)1992Guide on Effects of Unbalanced Voltages on the Performance of Three-Phase Cage Induction MotorsIEC Pub 600892
IS 13555 (pdf)
IS 13555 (txt)
1993Guide for Selection and Application of 3-Phase A. C. Induction Motors for Different Types of Driven Equipment
IS 13584 (pdf)
IS 13584 (txt)
1993Brush Materials for Electrical MachineryIEC 413
IS 13586 (pdf)
IS 13586 (txt)
1993Definitions and nomenclature for carbon brushes, brush holders, commutators and slip rings for rotating electrical machineryIEC 276
IS 13937-1 (pdf)
IS 13937-1 (txt)
1994Statistical methods of determining and verifying stated noise emission values of machinery and equipment, Part 1: General considerations and definitionsISO 7574-1
IS 13937-2 (pdf)
IS 13937-2 (txt)
1994Statistical Methods of Determining and Verifying Stated Noise Emission Values of Machinery and Equipment, Part 2: Methods for Stated Values for Individual MachinesISO 7574-2
IS 13937-3 (pdf)
IS 13937-3 (txt)
1994Statistical Methods for Determining and Verifying Stated Noise Emission Values of Machinery and Equipment, Part 3: Simple (Transition) Method for Stated Values for Batches of MachinesISO 7574-3
IS 13937-4 (pdf)
IS 13937-4 (txt)
1994Statistical Methods of Determining and Verifying Stated Noise Emission Values of Machinery and Equipment, Part 4: Methods for Stated Values for Batches of MachinesISO 7574-4
IS 14195 (pdf)
IS 14195 (txt)
1994Brush-holders for electrical machines guide to the measurement of the static thrust applied to brushIEC 61015
IS 14196 (pdf)
IS 14196 (txt)
1994Definitions and terminology of brush-holders for electrical machinesIEC Pub 560
IS 14197 (pdf)1994Code for model acceptance tests of hydraulic turbinesIEC Pub 193
IS 14198-1 (pdf)
IS 14198-1 (txt)
1994Rules for Steam Turbine Thermal Acceptance Tests, Part 1: Method A - High Accuracy for Large Condensing Steam TurbinesIEC Pub 953-1
IS 14198-2 (pdf)
IS 14198-2 (txt)
1994Rules for Steam Turbines Thermal Acceptance Tests, Part 2: Method B - Wide range of accuracy for various types and sizes of turbinesIEC Pub 953-2
IS 14205-1 (pdf)
IS 14205-1 (txt)
1994Steam Turbine, Part 1: SpecificationIEC Pub 45-1
IS 14222 (pdf)
IS 14222 (txt)
1995Impulse Voltage Withstand Levels of Rotating a.c. Machines with Form-wound Stator CoilsIEC Pub 3415
IS 14376 (pdf)
IS 14376 (txt)
1996Brush holders for electrical machinesIEC Pub 136
IS 14377 (pdf)
IS 14377 (txt)
1996Three-phase Induction Motors for Fans Used in Air-conditioning and Ventilation
IS 14568-2 (pdf)
IS 14568-2 (txt)
1998Dimensions and output series for rotating electrical machines, Part 2: Frame numbers 355 to 1000 and flange numbers 1180 to 2360IEC PUB 72-2
IS 14569 (pdf)
IS 14569 (txt)
1999Commutators for Electrical Machines
IS 14578 (pdf)
IS 14578 (txt)
1999Three-phase induction motors for use in nuclear power plants
IS 14582 (pdf)1998Single-phase small a.c. electric motors for centrifugal pumps for agricultural applications
IS 14889 (pdf)2000Copper Tamping Powder for Carbon Brushes
IS 15429 (pdf)
IS 15429 (txt)
2004Storage, Installation and Maintenance of DC Motors - Code of Practice
IS 15664 (pdf)
IS 15664 (txt)
2006Gat tubrines - acceptance testsISO 2314
IS 15665 (pdf)
IS 15665 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - VocabularyISO 11086
IS 15666-1 (pdf)
IS 15666-1 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - Procurements, Part 1: General Introduction and definitionsISO 3977-1
IS 15666-2 (pdf)
IS 15666-2 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - Procurements, Part 2: Standard reference conditions and ratingsISO 3977-2
IS 15666-3 (pdf)
IS 15666-3 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - Procurements, Part 3: Design requirementsISO 3977-3
IS 15666-4 (pdf)
IS 15666-4 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - Procurements, Part 4: Fuels and environmentISO 3977-4
IS 15666-5 (pdf)
IS 15666-5 (txt)
2006Gas Turbines - Procurements, Part 5: Applications for petroleum and natural gas industriesISO 3977-5
IS 15666-7 (pdf)
IS 15666-7 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - Procurements, Part 7: Tehnical informationISO 3977-7
IS 15666-8 (pdf)
IS 15666-8 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - Procurements, Part 8: Inspection, testing, installation and commissioningISO 3977-8
IS 15666-9 (pdf)
IS 15666-9 (txt)
2006Gas turbines - Procurements, Part 9: Reliability, availability, maintainability and safetyISO 3977-9
IS 15667 (pdf)
IS 15667 (txt)
2006Gas tirnines - Data acquisition and trend monitoring system requirements for gas turbine installationsISO 19860
IS 15880 (pdf)
IS 15880 (txt)
2009Three phase cage induction motors when fed from IGBT Converters - Application guide
IS 15881 (pdf)
IS 15881 (txt)
2009Three phase cage induction motors specifically designed for IGBT conerter supply
IS 15999-2-1 (pdf)
IS 15999-2-1 (txt)
2011Rotating Electrical Machines, Part 2: Method of Tests, Section 1: Standard Methods for Determining Losses and Efficiency from Tests (Excluding Machines for Traction Vehicles )IEC60034-2-1
IS/IEC 41 (pdf)
IS/IEC 41 (txt)
1991Field Acceptance Tests to Determine the Hydraulic Performance of Hydraulic Turbines, Storage Pumps and Pump TurbinesIEC 41:1991
IS/IEC 309-1 (pdf)
IS/IEC 309-1 (txt)
1988Plugs, Socket-Outlets and Couplers for Industrial Purposes, Part 1: General RequirementsIEC 309-1
IS/IEC 309-2 (pdf)
IS/IEC 309-2 (txt)
1989Plugs, Socket-Outlets and Couplers for Industrial Purposes, Part 2: Dimensional Interchangeability Requirements for Pin and Contact Tube AccessoriesIEC 309-2
IS/IEC 60034-1 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60034-1 (txt)
2004Rotating electrical machines, Part 1: Rating and performanceIEC 60034-1:2004
IS/IEC 60034-5 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60034-5 (txt)
2000Rotating electrical machines, Part 5: Degrees of protection provided by the integral design of rotating electrical machines (IP CODE) - ClassificationIEC 60034-5:2000
IS/IEC 60034-8 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60034-8 (txt)
2002Rotating electrical machines, Part 8: Terminal markings and direction of rotationIEC 60034-8:2002

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