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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Electrotechnical
Section Name: Equipment for Electrical Energy Measurement and Load Control (ETD 13)

IS 1766 (pdf)
IS 1766 (txt)
1998Time Switches for Metering and Load ControlIEC 61038
IS 7700 (pdf)
IS 7700 (txt)
1975Quadrature phase-shifting voltage transformers
IS 8530 (pdf)
IS 8530 (txt)
1977Maximum demand indicators (class 1)IEC Pub 60211
IS 9792-1 (pdf)
IS 9792-1 (txt)
1987Guide for testing, calibration and maintenance of ac electricity meters, Part 1: Single phase whole current watthour meters, Class 2.0
IS 11426-1 (pdf)
IS 11426-1 (txt)
2006Alternating current precision electricity meters for testing purposes, Part 1: Requirements for electro-mechanical meters
IS 11448 (pdf)
IS 11448 (txt)
2000Application Guide for ac Electricity Meters
IS 12346 (pdf)
IS 12346 (txt)
1999Testing Equipment for AC Electrical Energy MetersIEC 60736
IS 13010 (pdf)
IS 13010 (txt)
2002ac Watthour Meters, Class 0.5, 1 and 2IEC 60521
IS 13779 (pdf)
IS 13779 (txt)
1999ac Static Watthour Meters, Class 1 and 2IEC 61036
IS 14372 (pdf)
IS 14372 (txt)
1996Volt-ampere hour meters for full power factor range [superseding IS:722(Part 7/Sections 1, 2 and 3)-1987]
IS 14415 (pdf)
IS 14415 (txt)
1997Volt-Amphere hour meters for restricted power factor range [superseding IS:722 (Part 5):1980IEC 60211
IS 14451-1 (pdf)
IS 14451-1 (txt)
1998Telemetering of consumption and demand (Part 1) impulse transmitting and receiving deviccesIEC 60338
IS 14451-2 (pdf)
IS 14451-2 (txt)
1999Telemetering for Consumption and Demands, Part 2: Direct Digital Transfer of Meter ValuesIEC 60338
IS 14697 (pdf)
IS 14697 (txt)
1999ac Static Transformer Operated Watthour and Var-hour Meters, Class 0.2 S and 0.5 SIEC 60687
IS 15707 (pdf)
IS 15707 (txt)
2006Testing, evaluation, installation and maintenance of ac electricity meters - Code of practice
IS 15884 (pdf)
IS 15884 (txt)
2010Alternating Current Direct Connected Static Prepayment Meters for Active Energy (Class 1 and 2)
IS 15959 (pdf)
IS 15959 (txt)
2011Data Exchange for Electricit Meter - Reading Tariff and Load Control - Companion Specification
IS/IEC 62056-53 (pdf)
IS/IEC 62056-53 (txt)
2006Electricity Metering - Data Exchange for Meter Reading, Tariff and Load Control, Part 53: Cosem Application LayerIEC 62056-53:2006

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