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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Electrotechnical
Section Name: Secondary Cells and Batteries (ETD 11)

IS 1145 (pdf)
IS 1145 (txt)
1980Lead-acid storage batteries for motor cycles, auto-rickshaws and similar vehicles
IS 1146 (pdf)
IS 1146 (txt)
1981Rubber and plastic containers for lead-acid storage batteries
IS 1651 (pdf)
IS 1651 (txt)
1991Stationary cells and batteries, lead-acid type (with tubular positive plates)
IS 1652 (pdf)
IS 1652 (txt)
1991Stationary cells and batteries,lead-acid type with plante positive plates
IS 2512 (pdf)
IS 2512 (txt)
1978Miners cap lamp batteries (lead-acid type)
IS 5154-1 (pdf)
IS 5154-1 (txt)
2013Lead-acid traction batteries, Part 1: General Requirements and Test MethodsIEC 602541-1:2005
IS 5154-2 (pdf)
IS 5154-2 (txt)
2013Lead-acid traction batteries, Part 2: Dimensions of Cells and Terminals and Marking of Polarity on CellsIEC 602541-2:2008
IS 5154 (pdf)1980Lead-acid traction batteriesIEC 254
IS 6071 (pdf)1986Synthetic separators for lead-acid batteries
IS 6304 (pdf)1992Stationary batteries lead-acid type with pasted positive plates
IS 6848 (pdf)
IS 6848 (txt)
1979Lead-acid Batteries for Train Lighting and Airconditioning ServicesIEC 77
IS 7372 (pdf)1995Lead-acid storage batteries for motor vehiclesIEC 95-1
IS 7624 (pdf)
IS 7624 (txt)
1990Lead-acid starter batteries for diesel locomotives and rail cars_IEC 95-1
IS 7660 (pdf)
IS 7660 (txt)
1988Lead-acid batteries for electric locomotives and electrical multiple units
IS 8320 (pdf)
IS 8320 (txt)
2000General Requirements and Methods of Tests for Lead-acid Storage Batteries
IS 9814 (pdf)
IS 9814 (txt)
1981Lead-acid storage batteries for marine use
IS 10893 (pdf)
IS 10893 (txt)
1984Sealed Nickel Cadmium Button Type Rechargeable Single Cells
IS 10918 (pdf)1984Vented type nickel cadmium batteriesIEC 623
IS 12013 (pdf)
IS 12013 (txt)
1987Lead-acid batteries for 110 volts train lighting system with monobloc containers
IS 13300 (pdf)
IS 13300 (txt)
1992Nickel Cadmium Aircraft Batteries (Aerobatic and Non-aerobatic )
IS 13315 (pdf)
IS 13315 (txt)
1992Nickel Cadmium Batteries for Electric LocomotivesIEC 623
IS 13369 (pdf)1992Stationary lead acid batteries (with tubular positive plates) in monobloc containers
IS 13514 (pdf)1992Lead Acid Batteries for Electric Road Vehicles
IS 13568 (pdf)1992Lead Acid Light Weight Storage Batteries for Motor Cycles and Similar Vehicles Fitted with AC Circuitry
IS 13595 (pdf)
IS 13595 (txt)
1992Silver-oxide-zinc batteries for aircraft
IS 14217 (pdf)
IS 14217 (txt)
1994Miner's cap lamp batteries (alkaline type)
IS 14218 (pdf)
IS 14218 (txt)
1994Sealed cylindrical type rechargeable nickel cadmium cellsIEC 285
IS 14257 (pdf)1995Lead-acid storage batteries for motor vehicles with light weight and high cranking performanceIEC 95-1
IS 14782 (pdf)
IS 14782 (txt)
2000Code of Practice for Maintenance and Testing of Large Lead Acid Batteries for Generating Stations and Substations
IS 15549 (pdf)
IS 15549 (txt)
2005Satationary Regulated Lead Acid Batteries
IS 15767 (pdf)
IS 15767 (txt)
2008Secondary cells and batteries coating alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Nickel-cadmium prismatic secondary single cells with partial gas recombinationIEC 62259
IS 16048-1 (pdf)
IS 16048-1 (txt)
2013Secondary Cells and Batteries containing Alkaline or other non-acid Electrolytes - Portable Sealed Rechargeable Single Cells, Part 1: Nickel-CadmiumIEC 61951-1:2006
IS 16048-2 (pdf)
IS 16048-2 (txt)
2013Secondary Cells and Batteries containing Alkaline or other non-acid Electrolytes - Portable Sealed Rechargeable Single Cells, Part 2: Nickel-Metal HydrideIEC 61951-2:2011
IS 16049 (pdf)
IS 16049 (txt)
2013Secondary Cells and Batteries containing Alkaline or other non-acid Electrolytes - Sealed Nickel-Cadmium Prismatic Rechargeable Single CellsIEC 60622:2002

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