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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Electrotechnical
Section Name: Primary Cells and Batteries (ETD 10)

IS 586 (pdf)
IS 586 (txt)
1976Leclanche type dry batteries for telecommunications, signalling and general purposes
IS 2083 (pdf)1991Flashlights
IS 2652 (pdf)
IS 2652 (txt)
1976Schedule of terminals for leclanche type primary batteries
IS 6303-4 (pdf)
IS 6303-4 (txt)
2013Primary Batteries, Part 4: Safety of Lithium BatteriesIEC 60086-4:2007
IS 6303 (pdf)
IS 6303 (txt)
1984General requirements and methods of tests for dry cells and batteriesIEC -1
IS 6648 (pdf)
IS 6648 (txt)
1972Carbon electrodes for dry cells and batteries
IS 8144 (pdf)
IS 8144 (txt)
1997Multipurpose dry batteriesIEC 86-2
IS 9128 (pdf)1999Heavy duty dry batteries
IS 11675 (pdf)
IS 11675 (txt)
1986Button cells - Silver oxideIEC 86-2
IS 15063 (pdf)
IS 15063 (txt)
2001Alkaline Manganese Dioxide CellsIEC 86-2

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