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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Electroplating Chemicals and Photographic Materials (CHD 5)

IS 246 (pdf)
IS 246 (txt)
1986Sodium thiosulphate, crystalline, photographic grade
IS 330 (pdf)
IS 330 (txt)
1992Chromium trioxide
IS 388 (pdf)
IS 388 (txt)
1999Hydroquinone, photographic grade
IS 500 (pdf)
IS 500 (txt)
1999Potassium metabisulphite, photographic grade
IS 557 (pdf)
IS 557 (txt)
1988Sodium acetate, photographic grade
IS 1809 (pdf)
IS 1809 (txt)
1979Nickel salts for electroplating
IS 1880 (pdf)
IS 1880 (txt)
1977Zinc oxide and zinc salts for electroplating
IS 2211 (pdf)
IS 2211 (txt)
1993Anhydrous, sodium thiosulphate, photographic grade
IS 2214 (pdf)
IS 2214 (txt)
1977Silver Nitrate, Pure, and Analytical Reagent
IS 2318 (pdf)
IS 2318 (txt)
1980Silver nitrate, photographic grade
IS 3026 (pdf)
IS 3026 (txt)
1991Tin salts for electroplating
IS 4173 (pdf)
IS 4173 (txt)
19754-methyl aminophenol sulphate
IS 4846 (pdf)
IS 4846 (txt)
1968Sodium potassium tartrate (Rochelle salt)
IS 4847 (pdf)
IS 4847 (txt)
2006Copper salts for electroplating
IS 5003 (pdf)
IS 5003 (txt)
1968Cadmium oxide for electroplating
IS 5379 (pdf)
IS 5379 (txt)
1969Ammonium thiosulphate, photographic grade
IS 5380 (pdf)
IS 5380 (txt)
1976Sodium bromide, photographic grade
IS 5761-1 (pdf)
IS 5761-1 (txt)
1984Gold Cyanide and Gold Potassium Cyanide for Electroplating, Part 1: for Commercial/Engineering Applications
IS 5761-2 (pdf)
IS 5761-2 (txt)
1984Gold cyanide and gold potassium cyanide for electroplating, Part 2: For special applications
IS 6139 (pdf)1990Sizes of black and white and colour photographic paper in sheets for general use
IS 6155 (pdf)
IS 6155 (txt)
1987Sodium carbonate, monohydrate, photographic grade
IS 6212 (pdf)
IS 6212 (txt)
1992Determination of thiosulphate and other residual chemicals in processed photographic films, plates and papers
IS 6267 (pdf)
IS 6267 (txt)
1971Silver Cyanide and Silver Potassium Cyanide for Electroplating
IS 6358 (pdf)
IS 6358 (txt)
1971Potassium and sodium cyanides for electroplating
IS 6588 (pdf)
IS 6588 (txt)
1972Gold chloride (chloroauric acid)
IS 6650 (pdf)1972Method for determination of residual thiosulphate and tetrathionate in processed photographic papers
IS 6678 (pdf)
IS 6678 (txt)
1972Ammonium Thiosulphate Solution, Photographic Grade
IS 7038 (pdf)
IS 7038 (txt)
1973Chloroplatinic acid (Platinum chloride)
IS 7067 (pdf)
IS 7067 (txt)
1973Fluoboric acid and metal fluoborates for electroplating
IS 8281 (pdf)
IS 8281 (txt)
1976Hydroxylamine sulphate, photographic grade
IS 8590 (pdf)
IS 8590 (txt)
1977Indium sulphate for electroplating
IS 8984 (pdf)
IS 8984 (txt)
1978Dimensions of 127, 120 and 620 roll film backing paper and film spools
IS 9341 (pdf)
IS 9341 (txt)
1979Sulphamic acid for electroplating
IS 9342 (pdf)
IS 9342 (txt)
1987Sodium hypophosphite for electroless plating
IS 9343 (pdf)
IS 9343 (txt)
19791-phenyl-3-pyrazolidone, photographic grade
IS 9909 (pdf)
IS 9909 (txt)
1981Succinic acid for electroless plating
IS 9923 (pdf)
IS 9923 (txt)
1981Palladium salts for electroplating
IS 9924 (pdf)
IS 9924 (txt)
1981Rhodium salts for electroplating
IS 10246 (pdf)
IS 10246 (txt)
1982N-N Diethyl-p-phenylenediamine sulphate, photographic grade
IS 10329 (pdf)
IS 10329 (txt)
1982Method for sensitometry of photographic papers
IS 10396 (pdf)
IS 10396 (txt)
1982Methods for Determination of Curl of Photographic Film
IS 10419 (pdf)
IS 10419 (txt)
1982Method for Determination of Brittleness of Photographic Film
IS 10438 (pdf)1983Potassium Sulphite, 650 g/1 Aqueous Solution for Photographic Industry
IS 10472 (pdf)
IS 10472 (txt)
1983Filter-aid powders for use in electroplating
IS 10668 (pdf)
IS 10668 (txt)
1983Sodium formaldehyde bisulphite, anhydrous, photographic grade
IS 10982 (pdf)
IS 10982 (txt)
1984Strontium sulphate for electroplating
IS 11484 (pdf)
IS 11484 (txt)
1985Phenol sulphonic acid for electroplating
IS 11603 (pdf)
IS 11603 (txt)
1986Ammonium thiocyanate, photographic grade
IS 11751 (pdf)
IS 11751 (txt)
1986Sodium sulphite, anhydrous, photographic grade
IS 11752 (pdf)
IS 11752 (txt)
1986Sodium metabisulphite, photographic grade
IS 11788 (pdf)
IS 11788 (txt)
19862-amino-5-diethylaminotoluene Hydrochloride, Photographic Grade
IS 12121 (pdf)
IS 12121 (txt)
1987Sodium carbonate, anhydrous, photographic grade
IS 12125 (pdf)
IS 12125 (txt)
1987Benzotriazole, photographic grade
IS 12201 (pdf)
IS 12201 (txt)
1987Hydro fluosilicic acid for electroplating
IS 12495 (pdf)
IS 12495 (txt)
1988Potassium ferricyanide, photographic grade
IS 12496 (pdf)1988Sizes of film for industrial radiography
IS 12517 (pdf)1988Sizes of photographic film for graphic arts use
IS 12519 (pdf)
IS 12519 (txt)
1988Zinc pyrophosphate for electroplating
IS 12533 (pdf)1988Sizes of paper in rolls for phototypesetting and photolettering devices
IS 12551 (pdf)
IS 12551 (txt)
1988Potassium pyrophosphate for electroplating
IS 12557 (pdf)
IS 12557 (txt)
1988Sodium pyrophosphate for electroplating
IS 12846 (pdf)
IS 12846 (txt)
1989Boric acid, photographic grade
IS 12865 (pdf)
IS 12865 (txt)
1989Potassium persulphate, photographic grade
IS 12875 (pdf)
IS 12875 (txt)
1989Aluminium potassium sulphate (potash alum), photographic grade
IS 12925 (pdf)
IS 12925 (txt)
1990Ferric Ammonium Edta Solution Photographic Grade
IS 13014 (pdf)
IS 13014 (txt)
1990Sodium gluconate for electroplating
IS 13075 (pdf)1991Sizes of rolls of black and white and colour paper for roll paper printers
IS 13104 (pdf)
IS 13104 (txt)
19912-Amino-5-[N-ethyl N-2, hydroxy ethyl] aminotoluene sulphate, Photographic grade (CD-4)
IS 13105 (pdf)
IS 13105 (txt)
19912-Amino-5-[N-Ethyl-N-(2-Methane Sulphonamido Ethyl)] Aminotoluene, Sesqui Sulphate (Monohydrate), Photographic Grade (CD-3)
IS 13106 (pdf)
IS 13106 (txt)
1991Potassium bromide, photographic grade
IS 13381 (pdf)
IS 13381 (txt)
1992Potassium Carbonate, Anhydrous and Sesquihydrate, Photographic Grade
IS 13443 (pdf)
IS 13443 (txt)
1992Methylene chloride for degreasing prior to electroplating
IS 13651 (pdf)
IS 13651 (txt)
19931-1-1 Trichloroethane (methyl chloroform) for electroplating
IS 15304 (pdf)
IS 15304 (txt)
2003Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate for Electroplating

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