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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Soaps and other Surface Active Agents (CHD 25)

IS 285 (pdf)
IS 285 (txt)
1992Laundry Soaps
IS 286 (pdf)
IS 286 (txt)
1978Methods of Sampling and Test for Soaps
IS 1061 (pdf)1997Disinfectant Fluids, Phenolic Type
IS 1796 (pdf)
IS 1796 (txt)
IS 2887 (pdf)
IS 2887 (txt)
1993Laundry Soap Powders/Flakes
IS 2888 (pdf)
IS 2888 (txt)
2004Toilet soap
IS 4199 (pdf)
IS 4199 (txt)
2001Toilet Soap, Liquid
IS 4199 (B) (pdf)
IS 4199 (B) (txt)
2001Toilet Soap, Liquid (BI-LINGUAL)
IS 4955 (pdf)
IS 4955 (txt)
2001Household Laundry Detergent Powders
IS 4956 (pdf)
IS 4956 (txt)
2002Synthetic Detergent for Industrial Purposes
IS 5784 (pdf)
IS 5784 (txt)
2001Shaving Soap
IS 5785-1 (pdf)
IS 5785-1 (txt)
1970Methods for performance tests for surface active agents, Part 1: Relative dispersing power
IS 5785-2 (pdf)
IS 5785-2 (txt)
1970Methods for performance tests for surface active agents, Part 2: Relative emulsifying power
IS 5785-3 (pdf)
IS 5785-3 (txt)
1970Methods for performance tests for surface active agents, Part 3: Foaming power
IS 5785-4 (pdf)
IS 5785-4 (txt)
1976Methods for performance tests for surface active agents, Part 4: Relative detergency
IS 5785-5 (pdf)
IS 5785-5 (txt)
1981Methods for performance tests for surface active agents, Part 5: Wetting power
IS 6047 (pdf)2009Scouring products for utensil cleaning - Specification
IS 7532 (pdf)
IS 7532 (txt)
1974Soft Soap
IS 7597 (pdf)
IS 7597 (txt)
2001Surface Activity Agents - Glossary of Terms
IS 7983 (pdf)
IS 7983 (txt)
1994Toilet cleaner liquid
IS 8180 (pdf)
IS 8180 (txt)
1992Household laundry detergent bars
IS 8401 (pdf)
IS 8401 (txt)
1994Alkyl benzene sulphonic acid (acid slurry)
IS 8540 (pdf)
IS 8540 (txt)
1986Glass cleaner, liquid
IS 9458 (pdf)
IS 9458 (txt)
1994Synthetic detergents for washing woolen and silk fabrics
IS 9985 (pdf)
IS 9985 (txt)
1992Sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate, technical
IS 10513 (pdf)
IS 10513 (txt)
1983Sodium oleostearate, technical (soap noodles)
IS 10523 (pdf)
IS 10523 (txt)
1983Baby toilet soap
IS 10536 (pdf)
IS 10536 (txt)
1983Castor oleine and castor oleo-stearine
IS 10758 (pdf)
IS 10758 (txt)
1983De-odorising-cum-disinfactant fluids
IS 10813 (pdf)
IS 10813 (txt)
1984Soap jelly for laundry purposes
IS 11303 (pdf)
IS 11303 (txt)
1985Transparent toilet soap
IS 11479-1 (pdf)2001Antibacterial Toilet Soap, Part 1: Solid Cake
IS 11479-2 (pdf)
IS 11479-2 (txt)
2001Antibacterial Toilet Soap, Part 2: Liquid
IS 11479 (pdf)
IS 11479 (txt)
1985Antibacterial toilet soap
IS 11601 (pdf)
IS 11601 (txt)
2002Methods of Safety Evaluation of Synthetic Detergents - Tests for Skin Irritation and Sensitization Potential of Synthetic Detergents
IS 12767 (pdf)1989Liquid soap for cleaning painted surfaces
IS 12795 (pdf)
IS 12795 (txt)
1989Linear alkyl benzene
IS 13370 (pdf)
IS 13370 (txt)
1992Linear fatty alcohols for surface active agents
IS 13424 (pdf)
IS 13424 (txt)
2001Safety Evaluation of Bathing Bars and Toilet Soaps - Methods of Test
IS 13498 (pdf)
IS 13498 (txt)
1997Bathing bars
IS 13760 (pdf)
IS 13760 (txt)
1993Toilet cleaner, powder
IS 13933 (pdf)
IS 13933 (txt)
1995Method of test for ready biodegradability of surface active agents (Modified sturm test)
IS 14364 (pdf)
IS 14364 (txt)
1996Quarternary ammonium compound based surface cleaner, liquid
IS 15072 (pdf)
IS 15072 (txt)
2002Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulphonate for Cosmetic, Detergent and other Industrial Use -
IS 15267 (pdf)
IS 15267 (txt)
2003Zeolite Detergent Grade
IS/ISO 1066 (pdf)
IS/ISO 1066 (txt)
1975Analysis of Soaps - Determination of Glycerol Content - Titrimetric MethodISO 1066
IS/ISO 1067 (pdf)
IS/ISO 1067 (txt)
1974Analysis of Soaps - Determination of Unsaponifiable, Unsaponified and Unsaponified Saponifiable MatterISO 1067

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