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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Lac, Lac Products and Polishes (CHD 23)

IS 15 (pdf)
IS 15 (txt)
IS 16-1 (pdf)
IS 16-1 (txt)
2008Shellac, Part 1: Hand Made Shellac
IS 16-2 (pdf)
IS 16-2 (txt)
2008Shellac, Part 2: Machine-made Shellac
IS 17 (pdf)
IS 17 (txt)
1973Bleached Lac
IS 868 (pdf)
IS 868 (txt)
1990Sealing wax
IS 1746 (pdf)
IS 1746 (txt)
1992Shoe polish, paste
IS 2978 (pdf)
IS 2978 (txt)
1986By-products of lac
IS 4779 (pdf)
IS 4779 (txt)
1985Leather sole and edge wax polishes
IS 4908 (pdf)
IS 4908 (html)
IS 4908 (txt)
1968Glossary of terms used in lac industry
IS 5467 (pdf)
IS 5467 (txt)
1986Shellac wax
IS 5468 (pdf)
IS 5468 (txt)
IS 5480 (pdf)
IS 5480 (txt)
1983Automobile polish, paste
IS 5481 (pdf)
IS 5481 (txt)
1992Floor polish, liquid
IS 5487 (pdf)
IS 5487 (txt)
1992Metal polish, liquid
IS 5969 (pdf)
IS 5969 (txt)
1992Metal polish, paste
IS 6045 (pdf)
IS 6045 (txt)
1994Wax-emulsion sole leather polish
IS 6271 (pdf)
IS 6271 (txt)
1992Silver polish, liquid
IS 6350 (pdf)
IS 6350 (txt)
1985Shoe cream
IS 6350 (B) (pdf)
IS 6350 (B) (txt)
1985Shoe cream(BI-LINGUAL)
IS 6704 (pdf)
IS 6704 (txt)
1992Pigmented floor polish, paste
IS 6766 (pdf)
IS 6766 (txt)
1993Buffing compounds used for nickel and chrome plated surfaces
IS 6771 (pdf)
IS 6771 (txt)
1972Aluminium polish, paste for aircraft
IS 6921 (pdf)
IS 6921 (txt)
1973Methods of sampling and test for lac and lac products
IS 7982 (pdf)
IS 7982 (txt)
1992Automobile polish, liquid
IS 7984 (pdf)
IS 7984 (txt)
1991Rubbing compound
IS 8171 (pdf)
IS 8171 (txt)
1992Glossary of terms relating to polishes and related materials
IS 8541 (pdf)
IS 8541 (txt)
1993Floor polish for floor and wooden furniture
IS 9035 (pdf)
IS 9035 (txt)
1978Polishes for transparent plastics in sheet form, paste
IS 9036 (pdf)
IS 9036 (txt)
1978Polishes for transparent plastics in sheet form, liquid
IS 9518 (pdf)
IS 9518 (txt)
1980Automobile polish, liquid, containing silicone
IS 10025 (pdf)1981Polish liquid (white) for canvas footwear
IS 12010 (pdf)1987Shoe polish, liquid
IS 12123 (pdf)
IS 12123 (txt)
1987Aluminium polish, liquid for aircraft
IS 12518 (pdf)1988Shellac bond powder
IS 12921 (pdf)
IS 12921 (txt)
1990Lac dye
IS 13160 (pdf)
IS 13160 (txt)
1991Aleuritic Acid
IS 13294 (pdf)
IS 13294 (txt)
1992Non-buffable floor polish, liquid
IS 13977 (pdf)
IS 13977 (txt)
1994Polish liquid, multipurpose

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