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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Leather, Tanning Materials and Allied Products (CHD 17)

IS 575 (pdf)1956Chrome belt lace leather
IS 576 (pdf)
IS 576 (txt)
1989Glazed kid for shoe uppers
IS 577 (pdf)
IS 577 (txt)
1986Upholstery leather
IS 578 (pdf)
IS 578 (txt)
1985Full-Chrome Upper Leather
IS 579 (pdf)
IS 579 (txt)
1996Vegetable tanned sole leather
IS 580 (pdf)
IS 580 (txt)
1973Harness Leather
IS 581 (pdf)
IS 581 (txt)
1976Vegetable tanned hydraulic leather
IS 582 (pdf)
IS 582 (txt)
1970Methods of Chemical Testing of Leather
IS 622 (pdf)1956Russet leather
IS 1015 (pdf)2000Leather Pump Buckets and Seat Valves Made from Vegetable Tanned Leather
IS 1017 (pdf)1983Chamois leather
IS 1273 (pdf)
IS 1273 (txt)
1989Leather pump buckets made from chrome tanned leather
IS 1637 (pdf)
IS 1637 (txt)
1971Cycle saddle leather
IS 1639 (pdf)
IS 1639 (txt)
1960East India tanned kips and skins
IS 1640 (pdf)
IS 1640 (txt)
2007Glossary of terms relating to hides, skins and leather
IS 2573 (pdf)
IS 2573 (txt)
1986Leather Gauntlets and Mittens
IS 2716 (pdf)
IS 2716 (txt)
1972Myrobalan extract
IS 2954 (pdf)
IS 2954 (txt)
1978Vegetable tanned leather for belting
IS 2960 (pdf)
IS 2960 (txt)
1964Bookbinding leather
IS 2961 (pdf)
IS 2961 (txt)
1973Chrome retan finished upper leather
IS 3020 (pdf)
IS 3020 (txt)
1976Leather for oil seals
IS 3031 (pdf)
IS 3031 (txt)
1964Leather cash bags
IS 3840 (pdf)
IS 3840 (txt)
2011Lining Leather
IS 3946 (pdf)
IS 3946 (txt)
1966Leather for leg guard
IS 3967 (pdf)
IS 3967 (txt)
IS 3968 (pdf)
IS 3968 (txt)
1967Wattle bark
IS 3969 (pdf)
IS 3969 (txt)
1975GORAN bark
IS 3982 (pdf)
IS 3982 (txt)
1997Sheepskin leather for orthopedic linings
IS 3983 (pdf)
IS 3983 (txt)
1966Goatskin Parchment for Orthopedic Purposes
IS 3985 (pdf)
IS 3985 (txt)
1983Leather for rugby ball
IS 3999 (pdf)
IS 3999 (txt)
1966Casein Based Aqueous Pigments and Finishes
IS 4102 (pdf)1983Leather for shuttlecock caps
IS 4191 (pdf)
IS 4191 (txt)
1967Leather for volleyball
IS 4207 (pdf)
IS 4207 (txt)
1967Leather for football
IS 4553 (pdf)
IS 4553 (txt)
1983Leather for cricket ball
IS 5024 (pdf)
IS 5024 (txt)
1968Buffalo-butt leather for knee bushings
IS 5034 (pdf)
IS 5034 (txt)
1987Chromed goat skin in wet-blue conditions
IS 5127 (pdf)
IS 5127 (txt)
1969BABUL bark
IS 5128 (pdf)
IS 5128 (txt)
1969AVARAM bark
IS 5465 (pdf)
IS 5465 (txt)
1969SONALI bark
IS 5466 (pdf)
IS 5466 (txt)
1969Methods of Test for Vegetable Tanning Materials
IS 5570 (pdf)
IS 5570 (txt)
1987Goat skins, pickled
IS 5597 (pdf)
IS 5597 (txt)
1970Leather for boxing gloves
IS 5609 (pdf)
IS 5609 (txt)
1983Leather for hockey ball
IS 5677 (pdf)
IS 5677 (txt)
1986Shoe upper leather for direct moulding processes
IS 5712 (pdf)
IS 5712 (txt)
1970Slickers for leather industry
IS 5866 (pdf)
IS 5866 (txt)
1979Chrome Leather for High Altitude Gloves
IS 5867 (pdf)
IS 5867 (txt)
1970Leatherboards for Insoles
IS 5868 (pdf)
IS 5868 (txt)
1983Method of Sampling for Leather
IS 5914 (pdf)
IS 5914 (txt)
1970Methods of physical testing of leather
IS 6153 (pdf)1971Protective Leather Clothing
IS 6191 (pdf)
IS 6191 (txt)
1971Methods of Micro-Biological Colour Fastness and Microscopical Tests for Leather
IS 6199 (pdf)
IS 6199 (txt)
1971Wattle extract
IS 6301 (pdf)
IS 6301 (txt)
1971Basic Chromium Sulphate (for Tanning)
IS 6351 (pdf)1971Unhairing and scudding knife for leather industry
IS 6357 (pdf)
IS 6357 (txt)
1971Sulphated oil for leather fat liquoring
IS 6369 (pdf)1971Fleshing knife for leather industry
IS 6657 (pdf)
IS 6657 (txt)
1972SAL bark
IS 6658 (pdf)
IS 6658 (txt)
1972CASHEW testa
IS 7656 (pdf)
IS 7656 (txt)
1975Code of practice for curing and preservation of cattle hides and goat and sheepskins by wet salting method
IS 7721 (pdf)
IS 7721 (txt)
1986Chrome tanned leather laces for heavy duty footwear
IS 7742 (pdf)
IS 7742 (txt)
1975Synthetic emulsion resin binders
IS 7954 (pdf)
IS 7954 (txt)
IS 8087 (B) (pdf)
IS 8087 (B) (txt)
IS 8121 (pdf)
IS 8121 (txt)
1987Chromed buff calf skin in wet-blue condition
IS 8155 (pdf)
IS 8155 (txt)
IS 8170 (pdf)
IS 8170 (txt)
1981Guidelines for identification of finished leather for export
IS 8518 (pdf)
IS 8518 (txt)
1977Suitcase air travel
IS 8601 (pdf)
IS 8601 (txt)
1977Myrobalan nuts (whole and crushed) for tanning industry
IS 8863-1 (pdf)
IS 8863-1 (txt)
1978Leather sealing cups: Part 1 'U' cups
IS 9155 (pdf)
IS 9155 (txt)
1979Leather for gas meter diaphragms
IS 9159 (pdf)
IS 9159 (txt)
1979Guidelines for grading of raw hides and skins
IS 9160 (pdf)1979Guidelines for trimming of Indian cattle hides
IS 9161 (pdf)1979Guidelines for selection of finished zuggrain leather for boot and shoe uppers
IS 9426 (pdf)
IS 9426 (txt)
1980Guidelines for procurement of hides and skins
IS 9662-1 (pdf)
IS 9662-1 (txt)
1980Code of practice for construction and assembly of leather sealing cups: Part 1 'U' cups
IS 9663 (pdf)
IS 9663 (txt)
1980Code of Practice for Flaying of Hides and Skins
IS 9664 (pdf)
IS 9664 (txt)
1980Diameters of sealing areas for use of leather cups
IS 10285 (pdf)
IS 10285 (txt)
1982Guide for tannin bearing plants
IS 10286 (pdf)
IS 10286 (txt)
1993Bleaching syntan
IS 10845 (pdf)
IS 10845 (txt)
1984Bag, pilot
IS 11230 (pdf)
IS 11230 (txt)
1985Leather for utility glove
IS 11749 (pdf)
IS 11749 (txt)
1986Manually operated toggle clips used in leather industry
IS 11944 (pdf)1987Wallet leather
IS 11987 (pdf)
IS 11987 (txt)
1986Wax-emulsion for leather finishing
IS 12435 (pdf)1988Guidelines for grading of hides and skins on the basis of mass and size
IS 12607 (pdf)1989Guidelines for the measurement of hides and skins in the wet blue condition
IS 12623 (pdf)
IS 12623 (txt)
1989Chromed tanned cattle hides in wet-blue conditions
IS 12659 (pdf)1989Method of test for measurement of thickness of surface coating on leather
IS 12671 (pdf)
IS 12671 (txt)
1989Hides and Skins, Fresh or Cured - Glossary of Defects
IS 12718 (pdf)
IS 12718 (txt)
1989Leather for Garments - Performance Requirements
IS 13022 (pdf)
IS 13022 (txt)
1991Enzyme bates (alkaline)
IS 13023 (pdf)
IS 13023 (txt)
1991Enzyme Bates (Acidic)
IS 13024 (pdf)
IS 13024 (txt)
1990Syntan for prevention of sludge formation in vegetable tan liquors
IS 13271 (pdf)
IS 13271 (txt)
1992Syntans - Methods of test
IS 13307 (pdf)
IS 13307 (txt)
1992Resin finished shoe uppers from goat and sheep skins
IS 13527 (pdf)
IS 13527 (txt)
1992Replacement syntans
IS 13528 (pdf)
IS 13528 (txt)
1992Pretanning syntans
IS 13606 (pdf)
IS 13606 (txt)
1993Synthetic sulphochlorinated fatliquors for leather processing
IS 13625 (pdf)
IS 13625 (txt)
1992Retanning Syntans Including Acrylic and Related Syntans
IS 14360 (pdf)
IS 14360 (txt)
2012Semichrome Suede Upper Leather - Specification
IS 14361 (pdf)
IS 14361 (txt)
2011Patent leather
IS 14487 (pdf)
IS 14487 (txt)
1997Measurement of Area of Leather - Guideline
IS 14488 (pdf)
IS 14488 (txt)
1998Sulphited fat liquors for leather-Specification
IS 14575 (pdf)
IS 14575 (txt)
1999Determination of pentacholorophenol (PCP) in leather - Method of test
IS 14583 (pdf)
IS 14583 (txt)
1998Suede lining leather
IS 14816 (pdf)
IS 14816 (txt)
2000Leather - Method of Tests for ECO Criteria
IS 14898 (pdf)
IS 14898 (txt)
2001ECO Criteria for Finished Leather
IS 14969 (pdf)2001Leather - Upper Leather Made From Splits - Method of Identification
IS 14970 (pdf)
IS 14970 (txt)
2001Leather - Lastometer Grain Crack Test - Methods of Test
IS 15776 (pdf)
IS 15776 (txt)
2008Polyurethane (PU) coated leather
IS/ISO 2822-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 2822-1 (txt)
1998Raw Cattle Hides and Calf Skins, Part 1: Descriptions of DefectsISO 2822-1:1998
IS/ISO 4683-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 4683-1 (txt)
1998Raw Sheep Skins, Part 1: Descriptions of DefectsISO 4683-1:1998
IS/ISO 4683-2 (pdf)1999Raw Sheep Skins, Part 2: Designation and PresentationISO 4683-2:1999
IS/ISO 5432 (pdf)
IS/ISO 5432 (txt)
IS/ISO 7482-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 7482-1 (txt)
1998Raw Goat Skins, Part 1: Descriptions of DefectsISO 7482-1:1998
IS/ISO 7482-3 (pdf)
IS/ISO 7482-3 (txt)
2005Raw Goat Skins, Part 3: Guidelines for Grading on the Basis of DefectsISO 7482-3:2005

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