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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Paper and its products (CHD 15)

IS 1060-1 (pdf)
IS 1060-1 (txt)
1966Methods of sampling and test for paper and allied products: Part 1
IS 1060-2 (pdf)
IS 1060-2 (txt)
1960Methods of sampling and test for paper and allied products: Part 2
IS 1060-3 (pdf)1969Methods of sampling and test for paper and allied products: Part 3
IS 1064 (pdf)
IS 1064 (txt)
1980Paper Standard Sizes
IS 1397 (pdf)
IS 1397 (txt)
1990Kraft Paper
IS 1398 (pdf)
IS 1398 (txt)
1982Packing paper, water-proof, bitumen laminated
IS 1763 (pdf)
IS 1763 (txt)
1961Substances of Paper and Pulp Board
IS 1774 (pdf)
IS 1774 (txt)
1986Paper for permanent and semi permanent records
IS 1775 (pdf)
IS 1775 (txt)
1981Base Paper for Sensitized Paper
IS 1776 (pdf)
IS 1776 (txt)
1989Folding Box Board, Uncoated
IS 1848 (pdf)
IS 1848 (txt)
2007Writing and printing paper
IS 2483 (pdf)
IS 2483 (txt)
1986Ticket board
IS 2617 (pdf)
IS 2617 (txt)
2006Millboard, greyboard and strawboard
IS 2771-1 (pdf)
IS 2771-1 (txt)
1990Corrugated Fibreboard Boxes, Part 1: General Requirements
IS 2771-2 (pdf)
IS 2771-2 (txt)
1975Fibreboard Boxes, Part II: Solid Fibreboard Boxes
IS 2991 (pdf)1988Base Paper for Waxed Paper
IS 3064 (pdf)
IS 3064 (txt)
1986Hand made drawing paper
IS 3263 (pdf)
IS 3263 (txt)
1981Waxed paper for confectionery
IS 3302 (pdf)
IS 3302 (txt)
1986Backing sheet for stencil
IS 3303 (pdf)
IS 3303 (txt)
1997Match paper for match box
IS 3413 (pdf)
IS 3413 (txt)
2004Base paper for carbon paper
IS 3673 (pdf)
IS 3673 (txt)
1986Alkali Resistant Paper
IS 3962 (pdf)
IS 3962 (txt)
1967Waxed paper for general packaging
IS 4006-1 (pdf)
IS 4006-1 (txt)
1985Methods of Test for and Pulp Based Packaging Materials, Part 1
IS 4006-2 (pdf)
IS 4006-2 (txt)
1985Methods of test for paper and pulp based packaging materials : Part II
IS 4006-3 (pdf)
IS 4006-3 (txt)
1985Methods of test for paper and pulp based packaging materials: Part III
IS 4261 (pdf)
IS 4261 (txt)
2001Glossary of Terms Relating to Paper- and Pulp-based Packaging Materials
IS 4645 (pdf)
IS 4645 (txt)
1993Code of practice for storage of paper and board
IS 4658 (pdf)
IS 4658 (txt)
1988Coated paper and board (art and chromo)
IS 4661 (pdf)
IS 4661 (txt)
1999Glossary of terms used in paper trade and industry
IS 4664 (pdf)
IS 4664 (txt)
1986Pulp board
IS 5012 (pdf)
IS 5012 (txt)
1987Cellulose film
IS 5134 (pdf)
IS 5134 (txt)
1977Bitumen impregnated paper
IS 5195 (pdf)
IS 5195 (txt)
1969Paper Stationery Items for Schools
IS 5285 (pdf)
IS 5285 (txt)
1998Fibre Analysis of Paper and Board - Methods of Test
IS 5457 (pdf)1969Sizes of folders and files
IS 6211 (pdf)
IS 6211 (txt)
1993Code of practice for packaging of paper and board
IS 6213-1 (pdf)1971Methods of Test for Pulp, Part I: Water Solubility of Pulp
IS 6213-2 (pdf)
IS 6213-2 (txt)
1971Methods of test for pulp, Part 2: Determination of freeness of pulp
IS 6213-3 (pdf)
IS 6213-3 (txt)
1971Methods of Test for Pulp, Part III: Determination of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cellulose in Pulp
IS 6213-4 (pdf)
IS 6213-4 (txt)
1971Methods of Test for Pulp, Part IV: Determination of Viscosity of Pulp
IS 6213-5 (pdf)1971Methods of test for pulp, Part 5: Solubility of pulp in one percent caustic soda solution
IS 6213-6 (pdf)1971Methods of test for pulp, Part 6: Copper number of pulp
IS 6213-7 (pdf)1971Methods of Test for Pulp, Part VII: Ash Content in Pulp
IS 6213-8 (pdf)
IS 6213-8 (txt)
1973Methods of test for pulp, Part 8: Beating, sheet making, preparation of hand sheets and testing
IS 6213-9 (pdf)
IS 6213-9 (txt)
1973Methods of Test for Pulp, Part IX: Bleach Requirements and Preparation of Hand Sheets for Optical Tests of Pulp
IS 6213-10 (pdf)
IS 6213-10 (txt)
1975Methods of test for pulp, Part 10: Determination of kappa number
IS 6213-11 (pdf)
IS 6213-11 (txt)
1975Methods of test for pulp, Part 11: Determination of acid insoluble ash
IS 6213-12 (pdf)
IS 6213-12 (txt)
1975Methods of Test for Pulp, Part XII: Determination of Calcium Content
IS 6213-13 (pdf)
IS 6213-13 (txt)
1975Methods of test for pulp, Part 13: Determination of copper
IS 6213-14 (pdf)
IS 6213-14 (txt)
1975Methods of Test for Pulp, Part XIV: Determination of Iron
IS 6213-15 (pdf)
IS 6213-15 (txt)
1975Methods of test for pulp, Part 15: Determination of manganese
IS 6213-16 (pdf)1978Methods of test for pulp, Part 16: Dirt count
IS 6213-17 (pdf)
IS 6213-17 (txt)
1978Methods of test for pulp, Part 17: Determination of saleable mass of pulp
IS 6213-18 (pdf)
IS 6213-18 (txt)
1979Methods of test for pulp, Part 18: Determination of chlorine consumption (degree of delignification)
IS 6213-19 (pdf)
IS 6213-19 (txt)
1985Method of Test for Pulp, Part 19: Determination of Alkali Volubility of Pulp
IS 6213-20 (pdf)
IS 6213-20 (txt)
1984Methods of test for pulp, Part 20: Determination of alkali resistance of pulp
IS 6213-21 (pdf)1984Methods of test for pulp, Part 21: Determination of dry matter content
IS 6481 (pdf)
IS 6481 (txt)
1971Guide for principal uses and styles of fibreboard containers
IS 6615 (pdf)
IS 6615 (txt)
1972General purpose packing/wrapping paper
IS 6622 (pdf)
IS 6622 (txt)
1972Grease proof paper
IS 6671 (pdf)
IS 6671 (txt)
1987germination paper
IS 6715 (pdf)
IS 6715 (txt)
1972Master Cartons for Export of Frozen Sea Foods and Frog Legs
IS 6956 (pdf)
IS 6956 (txt)
2001Cover Paper
IS 7063-1 (pdf)
IS 7063-1 (txt)
1973Methods of test for corrugated fibreboard, Part 1: Thickness of board
IS 7063-2 (pdf)
IS 7063-2 (txt)
1976Methods of test for corrugated fibreboard, Part 2: Edgewise crush resistance of board
IS 7063-3 (pdf)
IS 7063-3 (txt)
1976Methods of Test for Corrugated Fibreboard, Part III: Water Resistance of Glue bond by immersion
IS 7063-4 (pdf)
IS 7063-4 (txt)
1976Methods of test for corrugated fibreboard, Part 4: Determination of substance of the component papers after separation
IS 7149 (pdf)
IS 7149 (txt)
1973Fibreboard boxes for canned sea foods for export
IS 7151 (pdf)
IS 7151 (txt)
1991Corrugated fibreboard boxes for para-dropping of supplies
IS 7161 (pdf)
IS 7161 (txt)
1973Vegetable parchment or grease proof paper/aluminium foil laminate for wrapping butter
IS 7162 (pdf)
IS 7162 (txt)
1973Waxed cartons for packaging of ice cream
IS 7186 (pdf)
IS 7186 (txt)
1973Glossary of terms relating to paper and flexible packaging
IS 7601 (pdf)
IS 7601 (txt)
1983Fibreboard drums for general purposes
IS 8113 (pdf)
IS 8113 (txt)
1976Primary cartons for packaging butter
IS 8431 (pdf)
IS 8431 (txt)
1986Tracing paper
IS 8460 (pdf)
IS 8460 (txt)
1977Wrapping Tissue Paper
IS 8970 (pdf)
IS 8970 (txt)
1991Aluminium foil laminates for packaging
IS 9028 (pdf)
IS 9028 (txt)
1978Glossary of terms relating to paper sacks
IS 9032 (pdf)
IS 9032 (txt)
1978Diazo sensitized paper
IS 9033 (pdf)
IS 9033 (txt)
1978Reproduction tracing paper
IS 9042 (pdf)
IS 9042 (txt)
1978Method of measurement and expression of the dimensions of paper sacks
IS 9313 (pdf)
IS 9313 (txt)
1979Corrugated fibreboard boxes for the export packaging of glass jars and bottles filled with processed foods
IS 9493 (pdf)
IS 9493 (txt)
1980Cartons for non-soapy detergents
IS 9588 (pdf)
IS 9588 (txt)
1990Kraft Liner
IS 9894 (pdf)
IS 9894 (txt)
1981Method of Test for Smoothness/Roughness of Paper
IS 9988 (pdf)
IS 9988 (txt)
1981Waxed paper for bread and biscuits
IS 10066 (pdf)1981Corrugated fibreboard boxes for packing cigarettes
IS 10176 (pdf)
IS 10176 (txt)
1982Fibreboard boxes for packing soaps
IS 10177 (pdf)
IS 10177 (txt)
1982Ice cream cups and lids
IS 10279 (pdf)1982Overall trimmed sizes of articles of stationery that include detachable sheets
IS 10287 (pdf)1982Holes for general filing of paper
IS 10328 (pdf)1982Methods of expression of dimensions and direction of manufacture of unprocessed writing and printing paper
IS 10380 (pdf)1982Methods of test for printing ink permeation of paper (castor oil test)
IS 10405 (pdf)1982Black centered board
IS 10528 (pdf)1983Method of sampling empty paper sacks for testing
IS 11052 (pdf)
IS 11052 (txt)
1984Methods of test for vertical impact drop test on paper sacks
IS 11080 (pdf)1984Method for determination of porosity of paper
IS 11087 (pdf)
IS 11087 (txt)
1986Paper for magnetic ink character recognition cheque printing
IS 11091 (pdf)1984Method of test for degree of curl of paper and degree of sizing
IS 11227 (pdf)
IS 11227 (txt)
1985Gelatin for sizing of paper
IS 11324 (pdf)1985Multi-ply paper sacks for carbon black
IS 11357 (pdf)1985Composite containers for dry products
IS 11687 (pdf)
IS 11687 (txt)
1986Base paper for tracing paper
IS 11688 (pdf)
IS 11688 (txt)
IS 11761 (pdf)
IS 11761 (txt)
1997Multi-wall paper sacks for cement
IS 11844 (pdf)1987Corrugated fibreboard boxes for transport packaging of apples
IS 12212 (pdf)1987Corrugated fibreboard boxes for transport packaging of butter packed in primary cartons
IS 12490 (pdf)
IS 12490 (txt)
1988Glassine paper
IS 12715 (pdf)
IS 12715 (txt)
1989Polyvinyl alcohol for sizing of paper
IS 12765 (pdf)
IS 12765 (txt)
1989Map printing paper
IS 12766 (pdf)
IS 12766 (txt)
1997Paper, computer
IS 12780 (pdf)1989Commercial stationary forms/books
IS 12808 (pdf)
IS 12808 (txt)
1989Base paper for one time carbon paper
IS 12810 (pdf)1989Shorthand note books
IS 12999 (pdf)
IS 12999 (txt)
1990Folding box board, coated
IS 13012 (pdf)
IS 13012 (txt)
1990Sack kraft paper and extensible sack kraft paper
IS 13228 (pdf)
IS 13228 (txt)
2006Corrugated fibreboard boxes for packing and transportation
IS 13892 (pdf)
IS 13892 (txt)
1999Correspondence Envelopes
IS 13975 (pdf)1994Axial (end to end) compression strength of composite cans, tubes and cores - Method of test
IS 13976 (pdf)1994Method of End Blow-off Pressure Test for Composite Cans
IS 14319 (pdf)
IS 14319 (txt)
1995Laminated paper board pack for vanaspati
IS 14490 (pdf)
IS 14490 (txt)
1997Plain copier paper
IS 14619 (pdf)
IS 14619 (txt)
1998Release Base Paper
IS 14661 (pdf)
IS 14661 (txt)
1999Toilet paper
IS 14915 (pdf)
IS 14915 (txt)
2001Filter Paper, Qualitative, Hand-Made
IS 15307 (pdf)
IS 15307 (txt)
2003Post Card
IS 15576 (pdf)
IS 15576 (txt)
IS/ISO 2470-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 2470-1 (txt)
2009Paper, Board and Pulps - Measurement of Diffuse Blue Reflectance Factor, Part 1: Indoor Daylight Conditions (ISO Brightness)ISO 2470-1
IS/ISO 2470-2 (pdf)
IS/ISO 2470-2 (txt)
2008Paper, Board and Pulps - Measurement of Diffuse Blue Reflectance Factor, Part 2: Outdoor Daylight Conditions (D65 Brightness)ISO 2470-2
IS/ISO 2471 (pdf)
IS/ISO 2471 (txt)
2008Paper and Board - Determination of Opacity (Paper Backing) - Diffuse Reflectance MethodISO 2471
IS/ISO 5636-3 (pdf)
IS/ISO 5636-3 (txt)
1992Paper and Board - Determination of Air Permeance (Medium range), Part 3 Bendtsen MethodISO 5636-3
IS/ISO 8254-1 (pdf)1999Paper and Board - Measurement of Specular Gloss Part 1 75o Gloss with a Converging Beam, Tappi MethodISO 8254-1:1999
IS/ISO 11476 (pdf)2000Paper and board - Determination of cie whiteness, C/2o (Indoor illumination conditionsISO11476

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