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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Printing, Inks, Stationary and Allied Products (CHD 14)

IS 220 (pdf)
IS 220 (txt)
1988Fountain Pen Ink - Ferro-gallo Tannate (0.1 Percent Iron Content)
IS 393 (pdf)
IS 393 (txt)
1985Ink, stamp-pad
IS 394 (pdf)
IS 394 (txt)
1985Ink, Cloth Marking
IS 788 (pdf)
IS 788 (txt)
1971Ink, Drawing, Waterproof, Colored
IS 789 (pdf)
IS 789 (txt)
1971Ink, drawing, waterproof, black
IS 1221 (pdf)
IS 1221 (txt)
1991Fountain Pen Ink - Dye Based
IS 1222 (pdf)
IS 1222 (txt)
1992Ink, duplicating, for twin cylinder rotary machines
IS 1234 (pdf)
IS 1234 (txt)
1980Ink, Stencil, Oil Base, for Marking Porous Surfaces
IS 1333 (pdf)
IS 1333 (txt)
1978Ink, duplicating, for single drum rotary machine
IS 1375 (pdf)
IS 1375 (txt)
1981Black lead pencil
IS 1379 (pdf)
IS 1379 (txt)
1985Ink marking for non-porous surfaces (with or without stencil plates)
IS 1380 (pdf)
IS 1380 (txt)
1980Ink, finger printing, black
IS 1440 (pdf)
IS 1440 (txt)
1980Ink, metal stamp, black
IS 1551 (pdf)
IS 1551 (txt)
1991Carbon papers for typewriter
IS 2079 (pdf)
IS 2079 (txt)
1982Graphite for pencil slips
IS 2105 (pdf)
IS 2105 (txt)
1994Letterpress Ink, Black, General Purpose
IS 2694 (pdf)1963School chalks, moulded, white
IS 3450 (pdf)
IS 3450 (txt)
1994Carbon papers, handwriting
IS 3705 (pdf)
IS 3705 (txt)
1980Ball Point Pens
IS 3707 (pdf)
IS 3707 (txt)
1984Refill, ball point pen
IS 4174 (pdf)
IS 4174 (txt)
1977Typewriter Ribbons, Cotton
IS 4175 (pdf)
IS 4175 (txt)
1981Correcting fluid
IS 4175 (B) (pdf)
IS 4175 (B) (txt)
1981Correcting fluid (Bi-Lingual)
IS 4222 (pdf)
IS 4222 (txt)
1967Coloured chalks, moulded
IS 4395 (pdf)
IS 4395 (txt)
1987Glossary of Terms Relating to Inks and Allied Industry
IS 4747 (pdf)
IS 4747 (txt)
1986Pads for rubber stamps
IS 5046 (pdf)
IS 5046 (txt)
1994Letter press ink, black, book printing
IS 5086 (pdf)
IS 5086 (txt)
1993Stencil paper
IS 5805 (pdf)
IS 5805 (txt)
1993Ink for ball point pen refill
IS 6830 (pdf)
IS 6830 (txt)
1994Offset ink, black, general black
IS 6931 (pdf)
IS 6931 (txt)
1972Methods of test for printing inks
IS 7771 (pdf)
IS 7771 (txt)
2004Letter press halftone ink, black
IS 8075 (pdf)
IS 8075 (txt)
1976Back coated carbon papers for typewriter
IS 8100 (pdf)
IS 8100 (txt)
1976Water colours for students
IS 8101 (pdf)
IS 8101 (txt)
1976Poster colours
IS 8277 (pdf)
IS 8277 (txt)
1976Water based recorder inks
IS 8642 (pdf)
IS 8642 (txt)
1977Dyes for water based writing inks
IS 8643 (pdf)
IS 8643 (txt)
1977Dye, methyl violet, for stamp-pad ink
IS 8744 (pdf)
IS 8744 (txt)
1978Rotary letterpress newsprint ink, black
IS 9055 (pdf)
IS 9055 (txt)
1979One time carbon paper
IS 10559 (pdf)
IS 10559 (txt)
1983Jotter ball point pens
IS 10560 (pdf)
IS 10560 (txt)
1983Jotter ball pen refills
IS 10562 (pdf)
IS 10562 (txt)
1983Sketch pen, fibre-tip
IS 10584-1 (pdf)
IS 10584-1 (txt)
1983Glass marking pencils, Part 1: With wooden casing
IS 10584-2 (pdf)
IS 10584-2 (txt)
1983Glass marking pencils, Part 2: With spiral paper-form casing
IS 11259 (pdf)
IS 11259 (txt)
1985Ink, Numbering
IS 11306 (pdf)
IS 11306 (txt)
1985Teleprinter ribbon, cotton
IS 11503 (pdf)
IS 11503 (txt)
1985Slates writing school
IS 11992 (pdf)
IS 11992 (txt)
1986Correction fluid for concealing typed errors
IS 13206 (pdf)
IS 13206 (txt)
1991Gallic acid for ink industry
IS 13208 (pdf)
IS 13208 (txt)
1991Tannic acid for ink industry
IS 13209 (pdf)
IS 13209 (txt)
1991Indelible ink
IS 13299 (pdf)1992Balls for Ball Point Pen Refills
IS 13347 (pdf)
IS 13347 (txt)
1992Clutch pencils
IS 14163 (pdf)
IS 14163 (txt)
1995Web offset ink, black
IS 15495 (pdf)
IS 15495 (txt)
2004Printing Ink for food packaging - Code of practice
IS 15520 (pdf)
IS 15520 (html)
IS 15520 (txt)
2004Graphic Technology - Paints and Printing Inks - Assessment of Light Fastness Using Filtered Xenon Arc LightISO 12040
IS 15521 (pdf)
IS 15521 (txt)
2004Graphic technology - Determination of tack of paste inks and vehicles by a rotary tackmeterISO 12634
IS 15522 (pdf)
IS 15522 (txt)
2004Graphic technology - Determination of rheological properties of paste inks and vehicles by the falling rod viscometerISO 12644
IS 15864 (pdf)
IS 15864 (txt)

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