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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Glassware (CHD 10)

IS 488 (pdf)
IS 488 (txt)
1980Glass Making Sands
IS 878 (pdf)
IS 878 (txt)
2008Laboratory glassware - Graduated measuring cylindersISO 4788
IS 915 (pdf)
IS 915 (txt)
2012Laboratory Glassware - One-mark Volumetric FlasksISO 1042:1998
IS 997 (pdf)
IS 997 (txt)
1973Limestone and Dolomite for Glass Industry
IS 1106 (pdf)1986Distilled water glass bottles
IS 1107 (pdf)1986Aerated water glass bottles, crown finish type
IS 1112-1 (pdf)1989Glass shells for general lighting service lamps Part 1 - 60 to 80 mm shell diameter
IS 1112-2 (pdf)
IS 1112-2 (txt)
1989Glass shells for general lighting service lamps Part 2 - 81 to 130 mm shell diameter
IS 1116 (pdf)1994Glass globes for hurricane lanterns
IS 1117 (pdf)1975One-mark pipettesISO 648
IS 1381-1 (pdf)
IS 1381-1 (txt)
2003Laboratory Glassware - Narrow-Necked Boiling FlasksISO 1773
IS 1381-2 (pdf)
IS 1381-2 (txt)
2008Boiling flasks, Part 2: Flasks with conical ground socket
IS 1382 (pdf)
IS 1382 (txt)
1981Glossary of terms relating to glass and glassware
IS 1388-1 (pdf)
IS 1388-1 (txt)
2005Laboratory Glassware - Bottles, Part 1: Screw-Neck BottlesISO 4796-1
IS 1388-2 (pdf)
IS 1388-2 (txt)
2005Laboratory Glassware - Bottles, Part 2: Conical Nec BottlesISO 4796-3
IS 1388-3 (pdf)
IS 1388-3 (txt)
2005Laboratory Glassware - Bottles, Part 3: Aspirator BottlesISO 4796-3
IS 1392 (pdf)
IS 1392 (txt)
1999Glass Milk Bottles
IS 1541 (pdf)
IS 1541 (txt)
2006Glass filter funnels
IS 1574 (pdf)
IS 1574 (txt)
1980Glass weighing bottles
IS 1575 (pdf)
IS 1575 (txt)
2003Laboratory Glassware - Separating Funnels and Dropping Funnels
IS 1590 (pdf)
IS 1590 (txt)
2000Laboratory Glassware - Glass Filter Flasks
IS 1662 (pdf)
IS 1662 (txt)
1974Glass liquor bottles
IS 1672 (pdf)
IS 1672 (txt)
1967Floating dairy thermometers
IS 1922 (pdf)
IS 1922 (txt)
1961Liquid gold, bright
IS 1945 (pdf)
IS 1945 (txt)
1986Glass Bottles for Fluid Ink
IS 1961 (pdf)
IS 1961 (txt)
1968Glass tableware
IS 1975 (pdf)
IS 1975 (txt)
1984Signal roundels and lenses for use in railways
IS 1996 (pdf)
IS 1996 (txt)
2003Laboratory Glassware - Straight-Bore Glass Stopcocks for General PurposesISO 4785
IS 1997 (pdf)
IS 1997 (txt)
2008Laboratory glassware - BurettesISO 385
IS 2091 (pdf)
IS 2091 (txt)
1983Multi-trip glass beer bottles
IS 2303-1-1 (pdf)
IS 2303-1-1 (txt)
2012Grading Glass, Part 1: Method of Test and Classification: Section 1 Hydrolytic Resistance of Glass Grains at 98° CISO 719:1985
IS 2303-1-2 (pdf)
IS 2303-1-2 (txt)
2012Grading Glass, Part 1: Method of Test and Classification, Section 2: Hydrolytic Resistance of Glass Grains at 121° CISO 720:1985
IS 2303-2 (pdf)
IS 2303-2 (txt)
1994Grading glass alkalinity, Part 2: Hydrolytic resistance of glass containers
IS 2351 (pdf)1988Marble Stoppered Aerated Water Glass Bottles
IS 2480-1 (pdf)
IS 2480-1 (txt)
1983General purpose glass thermometers, Part 1: Solid stem thermometers
IS 2480-2 (pdf)
IS 2480-2 (txt)
1982General purpose glass thermometers, Part 2: Enclosed scale thermometers
IS 2553-1 (pdf)
IS 2553-1 (txt)
1990Safety Glass, Part 1: General Purpose
IS 2553-2 (pdf)
IS 2553-2 (txt)
1992Safety Glass, Part 2: For Road Transport
IS 2618 (pdf)
IS 2618 (txt)
2006Glass test - tube
IS 2619 (pdf)
IS 2619 (txt)
1993Glass beakers
IS 2620 (pdf)
IS 2620 (txt)
1963Distilling flasks
IS 2626 (pdf)
IS 2626 (txt)
1972Petri dishes
IS 2627 (pdf)
IS 2627 (txt)
1979Glossary of terms relating to liquid-in-glass thermometers
IS 2835 (pdf)
IS 2835 (txt)
1987Flat transparent sheet glass
IS 2836 (pdf)
IS 2836 (txt)
1974Methods of test and quality requirements for porcelain, laboratory apparatus
IS 2837-1 (pdf)
IS 2837-1 (txt)
1975Porcelain crucibles and basins, Part 1: Crucibles
IS 2837-2 (pdf)
IS 2837-2 (txt)
1977Porcelain crucibles and basins, Part 2: Basins
IS 3104-1 (pdf)
IS 3104-1 (txt)
1982Density hydrometers, Part I: Requirements
IS 3104-2 (pdf)
IS 3104-2 (txt)
1982Density Hydrometers, Part II: Methods of Test and Use
IS 3432 (pdf)
IS 3432 (txt)
1965Clay pipe triangles
IS 3438 (pdf)
IS 3438 (txt)
1994Silvered glass mirrors for general purposes
IS 3608-1 (pdf)
IS 3608-1 (txt)
1987Glass alcoholometers, Part 1: Glass alcoholometers without thermometers
IS 3608-2 (pdf)
IS 3608-2 (txt)
1987Glass Alcoholometers, Part 2: Glass Alcoholometers with Thermometer (Thermo-alcoholometers)
IS 3702 (pdf)
IS 3702 (txt)
1989Refills for vacuum flasks
IS 3936 (pdf)
IS 3936 (txt)
1966Porcelain mortars and pestles
IS 3953 (pdf)
IS 3953 (txt)
1966High temperature ceramic combustion boats
IS 3990 (pdf)
IS 3990 (txt)
1967High Temperature Ceramic Combustion Tubes
IS 4161 (pdf)
IS 4161 (txt)
1967Nessler cylinders
IS 4162-1 (pdf)
IS 4162-1 (txt)
1985Specification for Graduated Pipettes, Part 1: General Requirements
IS 4162-2 (pdf)1985Specification for Graduated Pipettes, Part 2: Pipettes for Which No Waiting Time is Specified
IS 4162-3 (pdf)1985Specification for Graduated Pipettes, Part 3: Pipettes For Which a Waiting Time of 15s Is Specified
IS 4162-4 (pdf)1985Specification for Graduated Pipettes, Part 4: Blow-out Pipettes
IS 4426 (pdf)
IS 4426 (txt)
1992Methods of sampling laboratory glassware
IS 4610 (pdf)
IS 4610 (txt)
1968Glass tubes for general purpose and reference thermometers
IS 4825 (pdf)
IS 4825 (txt)
1982Liquid-in-Glass Solid-Stem Reference Thermometers
IS 5009 (pdf)
IS 5009 (txt)
1968Buchner Funnels
IS 5011 (pdf)
IS 5011 (txt)
1968Gooch crucibles
IS 5081 (pdf)
IS 5081 (txt)
1990Glass Tubes for Tubular Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting Service
IS 5165 (pdf)
IS 5165 (txt)
1969Interchangeable conical ground-glass jointsISO 383
IS 5168 (pdf)
IS 5168 (txt)
1969Glass feeding bottles
IS 5437 (pdf)
IS 5437 (txt)
1994Figured rolled and wired glass
IS 5623 (pdf)
IS 5623 (txt)
2012Glass - Determination of Co-efficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionISO 7991:1987
IS 5681 (pdf)
IS 5681 (txt)
1992General meteorological thermometers, liquid-in-glass
IS 5715 (pdf)1986Glass carboys
IS 5717 (pdf)
IS 5717 (txt)
2003Laboratory Glassware - PyknometersISO 3507
IS 5725 (pdf)
IS 5725 (txt)
1970Psychrometers, unventilated (dry and wet bulb hygrometers)
IS 5870 (pdf)
IS 5870 (txt)
1970Glass Globes for Internal Lighting of Passenger Coaches
IS 5984 (pdf)
IS 5984 (txt)
1999Glass Shells for Miniature Lamps
IS 6017 (pdf)
IS 6017 (txt)
1971Thermometer for whirling psychrometers
IS 6052 (pdf)1988Glass condensers
IS 6128 (pdf)
IS 6128 (txt)
IS 6154 (pdf)
IS 6154 (txt)
1971Perforated plates for desiccators
IS 6274 (pdf)
IS 6274 (txt)
1971Method of Calibrating Liquid-in-glass Thermometers
IS 6500 (pdf)
IS 6500 (txt)
1972Thermometers for measurement of sea surface temperatures
IS 6506 (pdf)
IS 6506 (txt)
1972Methods for thermal shock tests on glassware
IS 6592 (pdf)
IS 6592 (txt)
1972Soil thermometers
IS 6654 (pdf)
IS 6654 (txt)
1992Glass containers - glossary of terms
IS 6917 (pdf)
IS 6917 (txt)
1973Glass lenses for automobile headlights (replaceable bulb type)
IS 6945 (pdf)
IS 6945 (txt)
1973Code of practice for packaging glass and glassware
IS 6981 (pdf)1992Glass jars for air-depolarized primary (caustic soda) wet cells
IS 7000 (pdf)
IS 7000 (txt)
1973General Purpose Maximum and Minimum Thermometers
IS 7324 (pdf)
IS 7324 (txt)
1983Brix hydrometers
IS 7374 (pdf)
IS 7374 (txt)
1974Glass Rods and Tubing for Laboratory Glassware
IS 7511-1 (pdf)1992Dimensions for Neck Finishes, Part 1: Shallow Continuous Thread Finish
IS 7511-2 (pdf)1986Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 2: Shallow continuous thread finish for deep screw caps (R 3/D)
IS 7511-3 (pdf)1986Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 3: Roll-on thread non-pilfer-proof (RONPP)
IS 7511-4 (pdf)1986Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 4: Roll-on sealed threads pilfer-proof
IS 7511-5 (pdf)1986Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 5: Vial goldie seal glass finishes
IS 7511-6 (pdf)1986Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 6: Dual neck finish
IS 7511-7 (pdf)1986Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 7: Crown finish
IS 7511-8 (pdf)1986Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 8: Vacuum lug finish
IS 7511-9 (pdf)
IS 7511-9 (txt)
1992Dimensions For Neck Finishes - Part 9 28mm roll on finishes for pressurized liquids
IS 7511-10 (pdf)1991Dimensions For Neck Finishes, Part 10: Continuous screw thread for use with plastic cap
IS 7708 (pdf)
IS 7708 (txt)
1975Vacuum flasks
IS 8697 (pdf)
IS 8697 (txt)
1977Code of practice for export packaging of glass containers ware
IS 8728 (pdf)
IS 8728 (txt)
1977Adjustable range thermometers
IS 8729 (pdf)
IS 8729 (txt)
1977Principles of construction and adjustment of volumetric glasswareISO 384
IS 8787 (pdf)
IS 8787 (txt)
1977Principles of design, construction and use of liquid-in-glass thermometers
IS 8897 (pdf)
IS 8897 (txt)
1978Tables for Calibration and Method of Verification of Volumetric Glassware
IS 9153 (pdf)
IS 9153 (txt)
1978Methods of polariscopic examination of glassware
IS 9154 (pdf)
IS 9154 (txt)
1978Methods of determination of alkali resistance of glass
IS 9157 (pdf)
IS 9157 (txt)
1979Sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate for glass compositions
IS 9213 (pdf)
IS 9213 (txt)
1979Bod Bottles
IS 9425 (pdf)
IS 9425 (txt)
1980Selenium for glass compositions
IS 9621 (pdf)
IS 9621 (txt)
1980Principles of construction and adjustment of glass hydrometers
IS 9780 (pdf)
IS 9780 (txt)
1992Glass bottles for tomato ketchup
IS 9781 (pdf)
IS 9781 (txt)
1989Glass jar for jams, jellies and marmalades
IS 10072 (pdf)
IS 10072 (txt)
1982Plastics beakers
IS 10073 (pdf)
IS 10073 (txt)
1982Plastics graduated measuring cylinders
IS 10133 (pdf)1982Glass bottles-dimensional relationships and tolerances
IS 10231 (pdf)
IS 10231 (txt)
1982Plastics filter funnels
IS 10497 (pdf)1983Methods of test for determination of brimful capacity of glass containers by gravimetric method
IS 10516 (pdf)1983Methods of test for internal pressure resistance for glass containers
IS 10640 (pdf)
IS 10640 (txt)
2011Soxhlet extractors
IS 11369 (pdf)1985Glass honey jars
IS 11468 (pdf)2012Laboratory Glassware - Pipettes - Colour CodingISO 1769:1975
IS 11469 (pdf)
IS 11469 (txt)
1985Method for assessing chemical resistance of enamels used for colour coding and colour marking
IS 11539 (pdf)1986Method of vertical load test for glass containers
IS 11930 (pdf)1986Methods of thermal shock test for glass containers
IS 11984 (pdf)1986Glass bottles for free flowing liquids
IS 11985 (pdf)1987Glass jars for pickles
IS 11990 (pdf)1986Gas Washing Bottles
IS 12244-1 (pdf)
IS 12244-1 (txt)
1988Colorimeter thermometers, Part 1: Solid-stem thermometers
IS 12244-2 (pdf)
IS 12244-2 (txt)
1988Colorimeter thermometers, Part 2: Enclosed scale thermometers
IS 12255 (pdf)
IS 12255 (txt)
1988Baume hydrometers
IS 12305 (pdf)
IS 12305 (txt)
1988Laboratory sintered (fritted) filters, porosity grading, classification and designation
IS 12580-1 (pdf)
IS 12580-1 (txt)
1989Glass thermometers for precision use, Part 1: Solid-stem thermometers
IS 12580-2 (pdf)
IS 12580-2 (txt)
1989Glass thermometers for precision use, Part 2: Enclosed-scale thermometers
IS 12581 (pdf)
IS 12581 (txt)
1989Glass containers for domestic fruit preserving
IS 12868 (pdf)
IS 12868 (txt)
1989Glass aerosol containers
IS 12869-1 (pdf)
IS 12869-1 (txt)
1989Methods for Determination of Viscosity and Viscometric Fixed Points of Glass, Part 1: Determination of Viscosity by Fibre Elongation Method
IS 12869-2 (pdf)
IS 12869-2 (txt)
1989Methods for determination of viscosity and viscometric fixed points of glass, Part 2: Determination of softening point
IS 12869-3 (pdf)
IS 12869-3 (txt)
1998Methods for determination of viscosity and viscometric fixed points of glass, Part 3: Determination of annealing and strain point by beam bending method
IS 12950 (pdf)
IS 12950 (txt)
1990Battery hydrometer portable syringe type for lead-acid batteries
IS 13650 (pdf)
IS 13650 (txt)
1993Glass containers for proteinized food
IS 14837 (pdf)
IS 14837 (txt)
2000Laboratoryware - Silica Crucibles
IS 14838 (pdf)
IS 14838 (txt)
2000Laboratoryware - Plastics Wash Bottles
IS 14868 (pdf)
IS 14868 (txt)
2012Laboratory Glassware - Interchangeable Spherical Ground Glass JointsSO 641:1975
IS 14900 (pdf)
IS 14900 (txt)
2000Transparent Float Glass
IS/ISO 835 (pdf)
IS/ISO 835 (txt)
2007Laboratory Glassware - Graduated PipettesISO 835:2007
IS/ISO 4787 (pdf)
IS/ISO 4787 (txt)
2010Laboratory Glassware - Volumetric Instruments - Methods for Testing of Capacity and for UseISO 4787:2010
IS/ISO 4803 (pdf)
IS/ISO 4803 (txt)
1978Laboratory Glassware - Borosilicate Glass TubingISO 24803:1978
IS/ISO 8655-7 (pdf)
IS/ISO 8655-7 (txt)
2005Piston-operated volumetric apparatus, Part 7: Non-gravimetric methods for the assessment of equipment performanceISO 8655-7:2005
IS/ISO 24450 (pdf)
IS/ISO 24450 (txt)
2005Laboratory glassware - wide-necked boiling flasksISO 24450:2005
IS/ISO 24998 (pdf)
IS/ISO 24998 (txt)
2008Plastics Laboratory Ware - Single-Use Petri Dishes for Microbiological ProceduresISO 24998:2008

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