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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Chemical
Section Name: Inorganic Chemicals (CHD 1)

IS 247 (pdf)
IS 247 (txt)
1987Sodium sulphite, anhydrous
IS 248 (pdf)
IS 248 (txt)
1987Sodium bisulphite, technical (sodium metabisulphite)
IS 249 (pdf)
IS 249 (txt)
1979Sodium bichromate, technical
IS 250 (pdf)
IS 250 (txt)
1964Potassium bichromate, technical and analytical reagent
IS 251 (pdf)
IS 251 (txt)
1998Soda ash, technical
IS 252 (pdf)
IS 252 (txt)
1991Caustic soda, pure and technical
IS 254 (pdf)
IS 254 (txt)
1973Magnesium Chloride
IS 255 (pdf)
IS 255 (txt)
1982Sodium sulphate, anhydrous (technical grade)
IS 256 (pdf)
IS 256 (txt)
1972Glauber salt (sodium sulphate, decahydrate), technical
IS 258 (pdf)
IS 258 (txt)
2000Potash Alum
IS 259 (pdf)
IS 259 (txt)
1969Ammonium alum
IS 260 (pdf)
IS 260 (txt)
2001Aluminium sulphate, non-ferric
IS 261 (pdf)
IS 261 (txt)
1982Copper sulphate
IS 262 (pdf)
IS 262 (txt)
1982Ferrous Sulphate, Heptahydrate
IS 264 (pdf)
IS 264 (txt)
2005Nitric acid
IS 265 (pdf)
IS 265 (txt)
1993Hydrochloric acid
IS 266 (pdf)
IS 266 (txt)
1993Sulphuric acid
IS 296 (pdf)
IS 296 (txt)
1986Sodium Carbonate, Anhydrous
IS 297 (pdf)
IS 297 (txt)
2001Sodium Sulphide, Technical
IS 299 (pdf)
IS 299 (txt)
IS 333 (pdf)
IS 333 (txt)
1980Potassium permanganate
IS 376 (pdf)
IS 376 (txt)
1986Sodium hydroxide, analytical reagent
IS 380 (pdf)
IS 380 (txt)
1978French chalk, technical
IS 381 (pdf)
IS 381 (txt)
1995Sodium silicate - Specification
IS 494 (pdf)
IS 494 (txt)
1970aluminium stearate for lubricants
IS 505 (pdf)
IS 505 (txt)
1995Light kaolin
IS 566 (pdf)
IS 566 (txt)
1984Disodium phosphate, dodecahydrate
IS 567 (pdf)
IS 567 (txt)
1993Disodium phosphate, anhydrous
IS 571 (pdf)
IS 571 (txt)
2000Monosodium Phosphate
IS 573 (pdf)
IS 573 (txt)
1992Trisodium phosphate
IS 574 (pdf)
IS 574 (txt)
1989Glassy Sodium Metaphosphate Technical
IS 593 (pdf)
IS 593 (txt)
1978Salt for hide-curing (wet salting)
IS 646 (pdf)
IS 646 (txt)
1986Liquid chlorine, technical
IS 662 (pdf)
IS 662 (txt)
1980Anhydrous ammonia
IS 701 (pdf)
IS 701 (txt)
1966Zinc Chloride
IS 711 (pdf)
IS 711 (txt)
1970Ferric chloride, technical
IS 797 (pdf)
IS 797 (txt)
1982Common salt for chemical industries
IS 798 (pdf)
IS 798 (txt)
1986Ortho-phosphoric acid
IS 799 (pdf)
IS 799 (txt)
1985Ammonia, liquor
IS 877 (pdf)
IS 877 (txt)
1989Methods of sampling and test for activated carbons, powdered and granular
IS 879 (pdf)
IS 879 (txt)
1981Sodium nitrite
IS 1040 (pdf)
IS 1040 (txt)
1987Calcium carbide, technical
IS 1065 (pdf)1989Bleaching Powder, Stable
IS 1078 (pdf)
IS 1078 (txt)
1987Copper Naphthenate
IS 1089 (pdf)
IS 1089 (txt)
1986Oleum, technical
IS 1109 (pdf)
IS 1109 (txt)
IS 1113 (pdf)
IS 1113 (txt)
1965Ammonium chloride, technical and pure
IS 1288 (pdf)
IS 1288 (txt)
1982Methods of test for mineral gypsum
IS 1289 (pdf)
IS 1289 (txt)
1960Methods for sampling of mineral gypsum
IS 1290 (pdf)
IS 1290 (txt)
1973Mineral gypsum
IS 1314 (pdf)
IS 1314 (txt)
1984Calcium Chloride
IS 1420 (pdf)
IS 1420 (txt)
1989Light basic magnesium carbonate
IS 1514 (pdf)
IS 1514 (txt)
1990Methods of sampling and test for quick lime and hydrated lime
IS 1540-1 (pdf)
IS 1540-1 (txt)
1980Quicklime and hydrated lime for chemical industries, Part 1: Quick lime
IS 1540-2 (pdf)
IS 1540-2 (txt)
1990Quicklime and hydrated lime for chemical industries, Part 2: Hydrated lime
IS 1612 (pdf)
IS 1612 (txt)
1976Iron powder (reduction grade)
IS 1919 (pdf)
IS 1919 (txt)
1982Sodium Hydrosulphite
IS 2080 (pdf)
IS 2080 (txt)
1980Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide
IS 2088 (pdf)
IS 2088 (txt)
1983Methods for determination of arsenic
IS 2124 (pdf)
IS 2124 (txt)
2000Sodium Bicarbonate
IS 2142 (pdf)
IS 2142 (txt)
1992Bromine, technical
IS 2263 (pdf)
IS 2263 (txt)
1979Methods of Preparation of Indicator Solutions
IS 2316 (pdf)
IS 2316 (txt)
1990Methods of preparation of standard solutions for colorimetric and volumetric analysis
IS 2317 (pdf)
IS 2317 (txt)
1975Method for gravimetric determination of sulphates
IS 2362 (pdf)
IS 2362 (txt)
1993Determination of Water by Karl Fischer Method - Test Method
IS 2449 (pdf)
IS 2449 (txt)
1963Silver oxide
IS 2723 (pdf)
IS 2723 (txt)
1985Ammonium bromide, pure and analytical reagent
IS 2730 (pdf)
IS 2730 (txt)
1977Magnesium sulphate (epsom salt)
IS 2752 (pdf)
IS 2752 (txt)
1995Activated carbons, granular
IS 2780 (pdf)
IS 2780 (txt)
1964Sodium bromide, pure
IS 2797 (pdf)
IS 2797 (txt)
1998Potassium bromide
IS 2881 (pdf)
IS 2881 (txt)
1984Barytes for chemical industry and oil-well drilling
IS 3204 (pdf)
IS 3204 (txt)
1978Limestone for chemical industry
IS 3205 (pdf)
IS 3205 (txt)
1984Precipitated barium carbonate, technical
IS 3401 (pdf)
IS 3401 (txt)
1992Silica gel
IS 3598 (pdf)
IS 3598 (txt)
1983Sodium perborate, tetrahydrate
IS 3605 (pdf)
IS 3605 (txt)
1984Bauxite for chemicals and petroleum industries
IS 3607 (pdf)
IS 3607 (txt)
1979Magnesite for chemical industry
IS 4016 (pdf)
IS 4016 (txt)
2002Density Composition Tables for Aqueous Solutions of Sodium Hydroxide
IS 4048 (pdf)
IS 4048 (txt)
1989Density composition tables for aqueous solutions of sulphuric acid
IS 4150 (pdf)
IS 4150 (txt)
1984Potassium chloride, technical
IS 4200 (pdf)
IS 4200 (txt)
1984Sodium aluminate
IS 4256 (pdf)1967Hydrated calcium sulphate from marine brine
IS 4285 (pdf)1967Method for volumetric determination of calcium
IS 4408 (pdf)
IS 4408 (txt)
1979Sodium chloride, analytical reagent
IS 4505 (pdf)
IS 4505 (txt)
1968Sodium formaldehyde sulphoxylate
IS 4581 (pdf)
IS 4581 (txt)
1978Phosphorus trichloride, pure and analytical reagent
IS 4611 (pdf)
IS 4611 (txt)
1991Metallic zinc powder (zinc dust)
IS 4730 (pdf)
IS 4730 (txt)
1994Methods for determination of density of liquids
IS 4737 (pdf)
IS 4737 (txt)
1982Chromite for chemical industries
IS 5194 (pdf)
IS 5194 (txt)
1969Method for determination of nitrogen-Kjeldahl method
IS 5288 (pdf)
IS 5288 (txt)
1980Barium Chloride
IS 5298 (pdf)
IS 5298 (txt)
1983Method for determination of distillation range and of distillation yield
IS 5301 (pdf)
IS 5301 (txt)
1987Sodium chlorate
IS 5305 (pdf)
IS 5305 (txt)
1969Method for volumetric determination of phosphorus
IS 5316 (pdf)
IS 5316 (txt)
1998Ammonium carbonate
IS 5321 (pdf)
IS 5321 (txt)
1969Soda lime (as carbon dioxide absorbent)
IS 5762 (pdf)1970Methods for Determination of Melting Point and Melting Range
IS 5813 (pdf)
IS 5813 (txt)
1970Method for determination of crystallizing point
IS 5877 (pdf)
IS 5877 (txt)
1971Barium sulphide, technical (black ash)
IS 5949 (pdf)
IS 5949 (txt)
1990Methods for volumetric determination of calcium and magnesium using EDTA
IS 6015 (pdf)
IS 6015 (txt)
1984Barium hydroxide
IS 6100 (pdf)
IS 6100 (txt)
1984Sodium tripolyphosphate, anhydrous, technical
IS 6135 (pdf)
IS 6135 (txt)
1981Soda Ash, Fused, Technical
IS 6186 (pdf)
IS 6186 (txt)
IS 6361 (pdf)
IS 6361 (txt)
1971Methods of colorimetric determination of phosphorus
IS 6507 (pdf)
IS 6507 (txt)
1991Sodium chromate, technical
IS 6605 (pdf)
IS 6605 (txt)
1972Potassium Chromate
IS 6614 (pdf)
IS 6614 (txt)
1972Aluminium chloride, anhydrous, technical
IS 6655 (pdf)
IS 6655 (txt)
1972Methods of test for sulphur
IS 6831 (pdf)
IS 6831 (txt)
1992Caustic potash
IS 6980 (pdf)
IS 6980 (txt)
1983Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, anhydrous, technical
IS 7017 (pdf)1973Method of colorimetric determination of traces of heavy metals by dithizone
IS 7129 (pdf)
IS 7129 (txt)
1992Potassium carbonate, anhydrous
IS 7130 (pdf)
IS 7130 (txt)
1994Chlorosulphonic acid, technical
IS 7163 (pdf)
IS 7163 (txt)
1989Potassium iodide, pure and analytical reagent
IS 7212 (pdf)
IS 7212 (txt)
1974Methods of determination of copper
IS 7223 (pdf)
IS 7223 (txt)
1986Potassium chloride, analytical reagent
IS 7541 (pdf)
IS 7541 (txt)
1974Stabilized liquid sulphur trioxide
IS 8325 (pdf)
IS 8325 (txt)
1983Nickel formate for nickel catalyst
IS 8366 (pdf)1989Activated carbons, powdered
IS 8587 (pdf)
IS 8587 (txt)
1993Acid grade fluorspar for chemical industry
IS 8768 (pdf)
IS 8768 (txt)
2000Method of Measurement of Colour in Liquid Chemical Products Platinum-cobalt Scale
IS 8769 (pdf)1978Method of determination of ash and sulphated ash
IS 8770 (pdf)1978Artificial sea water for laboratory use
IS 8813 (pdf)
IS 8813 (txt)
1995Potassium silicate, technical
IS 8814 (pdf)
IS 8814 (txt)
1978Sodium metal
IS 8883-1 (pdf)
IS 8883-1 (txt)
2005Methods of sampling chemical and chemical products, Part 1: General requirements and precautions
IS 8883-2-1 (pdf)
IS 8883-2-1 (txt)
1978Methods of sampling chemicals and chemical products, Part 2: Sampling equipment, Section 1: For solids
IS 8883-2-2 (pdf)
IS 8883-2-2 (txt)
1978Methods of sampling chemicals and chemical products, Part 2: Sampling equipment, Section 2: For liquid
IS 8883-2-3 (pdf)
IS 8883-2-3 (txt)
1978Methods of sampling chemicals and chemical products, Part 2: Sampling equipment, Section 3: For gases
IS 9189 (pdf)1979Method for determination of free chlorine in chlorinated organic liquid compounds (colorimetric)
IS 9190 (pdf)
IS 9190 (txt)
1979Methods for determination of acidity and alkalinity in halogenated organic solvents and their admixture
IS 9252 (pdf)
IS 9252 (txt)
1979Method for determination of zinc (volumetric)
IS 9398 (pdf)
IS 9398 (txt)
1987Silicon tetrachloride, technical
IS 9424 (pdf)
IS 9424 (txt)
1979Sodium metasilicate
IS 9497 (pdf)
IS 9497 (txt)
1980Method for determination of sodium and potassium (flame photometric)
IS 9506 (pdf)
IS 9506 (txt)
1980Method for determination of sulphate (volumetric)
IS 9700 (pdf)
IS 9700 (txt)
1991Activated alumina
IS 9825 (pdf)
IS 9825 (txt)
2003Chlorine Tablets
IS 9931 (pdf)
IS 9931 (txt)
1981Mercurimetric method for determination of chloride in inorganic chemicals
IS 9958 (pdf)1981Atomic absorption spectrophotometric method for determination of zinc
IS 10115 (pdf)1982Phosphorus pentasulphide
IS 10116 (pdf)1982Boric acid
IS 10125 (pdf)
IS 10125 (txt)
1982Copper Carbonate
IS 10271 (pdf)1982Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, technical
IS 10332 (pdf)
IS 10332 (txt)
1982Hydrofluoric acid, aqueous
IS 10535 (pdf)
IS 10535 (txt)
1983Manganese sulphate, monohydrate
IS 10614 (pdf)
IS 10614 (txt)
1983Method for atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of sodium and potassium
IS 10895 (pdf)
IS 10895 (txt)
1984Copper nitrate
IS 10896 (pdf)
IS 10896 (txt)
1984Aluminium hydroxide, technical
IS 10904 (pdf)
IS 10904 (txt)
1984Sodium fluoride, technical
IS 11112 (pdf)
IS 11112 (txt)
1984Alumina, chromatographic grade
IS 11123 (pdf)1984Method for determination of copper by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
IS 11124 (pdf)1984Method for atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of arsenic
IS 11153 (pdf)
IS 11153 (txt)
1996Manganese dioxide for dry batteries
IS 11224 (pdf)
IS 11224 (txt)
1985Rock phosphate for chemical industries
IS 11236 (pdf)
IS 11236 (txt)
1985Manganese acetate
IS 11237 (pdf)
IS 11237 (txt)
1985Manganese carbonate
IS 11305 (pdf)
IS 11305 (txt)
1985Thionyl Chloride
IS 11657 (pdf)
IS 11657 (txt)
1986Phosphorus oxychloride, technical
IS 11673 (pdf)
IS 11673 (txt)
1992Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
IS 11744 (pdf)
IS 11744 (txt)
1986Phosphorus pentachloride, technical
IS 11782 (pdf)
IS 11782 (txt)
1986Sodium Cyanide, Technical
IS 12008 (pdf)
IS 12008 (txt)
1986Silica Gel, Chromatographic Grade
IS 12041 (pdf)
IS 12041 (txt)
1987Method for determination of mercury by atomic absorption spectrophotometer
IS 12042 (pdf)1987Method for determination of molybdenum by atomic absorption spectrophotometer
IS 12046 (pdf)1987Method for determination of manganese by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
IS 12074 (pdf)1987Method for determination of lead by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
IS 12122 (pdf)
IS 12122 (txt)
1987Method for determination of nickel by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
IS 12178 (pdf)
IS 12178 (txt)
1987Acetylene black
IS 12292 (pdf)
IS 12292 (txt)
1988Lead sub oxides (lead oxide) for lead-acid storage battery
IS 12478 (pdf)
IS 12478 (txt)
1988Ammonium sulphate, technical
IS 12491 (pdf)1988Method for determination of magnesium by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
IS 12612 (pdf)
IS 12612 (txt)
1988Method for colorimetric determination of tungsten
IS 12816 (pdf)
IS 12816 (txt)
1989Density composition tables for aqueous solutions of nitric acid
IS 12845 (pdf)
IS 12845 (txt)
1989Density composition tables for aqueous solutions of hydrochloric acid
IS 13057 (pdf)
IS 13057 (txt)
1991Potassium iodate
IS 13318 (pdf)
IS 13318 (txt)
1992Spectrophotometric determination of nickel - Test
IS 13319 (pdf)
IS 13319 (txt)
1992Determination of chromium by atomic absorption spectrophotometry - Test method
IS 13320 (pdf)
IS 13320 (txt)
1992Determination of iron by atomic absorption spectrophotometry - Test method
IS 13425 (pdf)
IS 13425 (txt)
1992Ammonium nitrate for nitrous oxide production
IS 13565 (pdf)
IS 13565 (txt)
1992Method for spectrometric determination of nitrite
IS 14211 (pdf)
IS 14211 (txt)
1994Molecular sieves
IS 14212 (pdf)
IS 14212 (txt)
1995Sodium, Potassium silicate - Method of test
IS 14295 (pdf)
IS 14295 (txt)
1995Calcium flouride
IS 14305 (pdf)
IS 14305 (txt)
1995Basic lead carbonate
IS 14780 (pdf)
IS 14780 (txt)
2000Zinc Naphthenate
IS 14781 (pdf)
IS 14781 (txt)
2000Sodium Thiosulphate
IS 14932 (pdf)
IS 14932 (txt)
2001Sulfamic Acid
IS 15556 (pdf)
IS 15556 (txt)
2005Volumetric and spectrophotometric estimation of iron (Amalgamating IS 4264:1967, IS 4542:1968)
IS 15557 (pdf)
IS 15557 (txt)
2005Methods for preparation of buffer solutions and methods for determination of pH

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