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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Civil Engineering
Section Name: Wood and other Lignocellulosic products (CED 20)

IS 303 (pdf)
IS 303 (txt)
1989Plywood for General Purposes -
IS 652 (pdf)
IS 652 (txt)
1960Wooden Separators for Lead-Acid Storage Batteries
IS 709 (pdf)
IS 709 (txt)
1974Specification for Medium Atrength Aircraft Plywood
IS 710 (pdf)
IS 710 (txt)
2010Marine Plywood -Specification
IS 848 (pdf)
IS 848 (txt)
2006Specification for Synthetic Resin Adhesives for Plywood (Phenolic And Aminoplastic) -
IS 851 (pdf)
IS 851 (txt)
1978Specification for Synthetic Resin Adhesives For Construction Work (Non-Structural) in Wood
IS 852 (pdf)
IS 852 (txt)
1994Animal Glue For General Wood-Working Purposes -Specification
IS 1328 (pdf)
IS 1328 (txt)
1996Veneered Decorative Plywood -Specification
IS 1508 (pdf)
IS 1508 (txt)
1972Extenders for Use in Synthetic Resin Adhesives (Urea-formaldehyde) for Plywood- Code of Practice
IS 1658 (pdf)
IS 1658 (txt)
2006Fibre hardboards -Specification
IS 1659 (pdf)
IS 1659 (txt)
2004Block Boards -Specification
IS 1734-1 to 20 (pdf)
IS 1734-1 to 20 (txt)
1983Methods of test for plywood
IS 2380-1 to 21 (pdf)
IS 2380-1 to 21 (txt)
1977Methods of Test for Wood Particle Boards and Boards from Other Lignocellulosic Materials
IS 2380-22 (pdf)
IS 2380-22 (txt)
1981Method of test for wood particle boards and boards from other lignocellulosic materials, Part 22: Determination of surface glueability test
IS 2380-23 (pdf)
IS 2380-23 (txt)
1981Method of test for wood particle boards and boards from other lignocellulosic materials, Part 23: Vibration tests for particle boards
IS 3087 (pdf)
IS 3087 (txt)
2005Partical boards of wood and other lingnocellulosic materials (medium density) for general purposes -Specification
IS 3097 (pdf)
IS 3097 (txt)
2006Veneered Particle Boards -Specification
IS 3129 (pdf)
IS 3129 (txt)
1985Specification for low density particle boards
IS 3308 (pdf)
IS 3308 (txt)
1981Specification for wood wool building slabs
IS 3348 (pdf)
IS 3348 (txt)
1965Specification for fibre insulation boards
IS 3478 (pdf)
IS 3478 (txt)
1966Specification for High Density Wood Particle Boards
IS 3513-1 (pdf)
IS 3513-1 (txt)
1989Resin treated compressed wood laminates (compregs) - Specification, Part 1: For electrical purposes
IS 3513-2 (pdf)
IS 3513-2 (txt)
1989Resin treated compressed wood laminates (compregs) - Specification, Part 2: For chemical purposes
IS 3513-3 (pdf)
IS 3513-3 (txt)
1989Resin Treated Compressed Wood Laminates (Compregs) - Specification, Part 3: For General Purposes
IS 3513-4 (pdf)
IS 3513-4 (txt)
1966Resin Treated Compressed Wood Laminates (Compregs) - Specification, Part 4: Sampling and tests
IS 4834 (pdf)
IS 4834 (txt)
1968Specification veneered wood boards for packing cases
IS 4835 (pdf)
IS 4835 (txt)
1979Specification Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersion Based Adhesives for Wood
IS 4859 (pdf)
IS 4859 (txt)
1968high strength aircraft plywood
IS 4990 (pdf)
IS 4990 (txt)
2011Plywood for concrete shuttering work - Specification
IS 5509 (pdf)
IS 5509 (txt)
2000Fire Retardant Plywood -Specification
IS 5539 (pdf)
IS 5539 (txt)
1969Specification for preservative treated plywood
IS 7316 (pdf)
IS 7316 (txt)
1974Specification for decorative plywood using plurality of veneers for decorative faces
IS 7638 (pdf)
IS 7638 (txt)
1999Wood/Lignocellulosic Based Panel Products - Methods of Sampling
IS 9188 (pdf)
IS 9188 (txt)
1979Performance requirements for adhesive for structural laminated wood products for use under exterior exposure condition
IS 9307-1 to 8 (pdf)
IS 9307-1 to 8 (txt)
1979Methods of Test for Wood-based Structural Sandwich Construction
IS 10701 (pdf)
IS 10701 (txt)
2012Specification for Structural Plywood - Specification
IS 12053 (pdf)
IS 12053 (txt)
1987Code of practice for the preparation and application of putty for repairing plywood and other wood based panels
IS 12077 (pdf)
IS 12077 (txt)
1987Code of practice for testing of timbers for plywood manufacture
IS 12120 (pdf)
IS 12120 (txt)
1987Code of practice for preservation of plywood and other panel products
IS 12406 (pdf)
IS 12406 (txt)
2003Medium Density Fibre Boards for General Purpose -Specification
IS 12823 (pdf)
IS 12823 (txt)
1990Wood Products - Prelaminated Particle Boards -Specification
IS 13745 (pdf)
IS 13745 (txt)
1993Method for determination of formaldehyde content in particle board by extraction method called perforator method
IS 13957 (pdf)
IS 13957 (txt)
1994Metal faced plywood -Specification
IS 13958 (pdf)
IS 13958 (txt)
1994Bamboo mat board for general purposes -Specification
IS 14276 (pdf)
IS 14276 (txt)
1995Cement bonded particle boards -Specification
IS 14315 (pdf)
IS 14315 (txt)
1995Commercial veneers -Specification
IS 14587 (pdf)
IS 14587 (txt)
1998Prelaminated medium density fibre board -Specification
IS 14588 (pdf)
IS 14588 (txt)
1999Bamboo mat veneer composite for general purposes -Specification
IS 14616 (pdf)
IS 14616 (txt)
1999Laminated veneer lumber - Specification
IS 14842 (pdf)
IS 14842 (txt)
2000Coir Veneer Board for General Purposes -Specification
IS 15476 (pdf)
IS 15476 (txt)
2004Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheets -Specification
IS 15491 (pdf)
IS 15491 (txt)
2004Medium Density Coirboards for General Purposes -
IS 15512 (pdf)
IS 15512 (txt)
2004Selection and Use of Various Types of Medium Density Fibre Boards - Code of Practice
IS 15684 (pdf)
IS 15684 (txt)
2006Extenders for use in synthetic resin adhesives (Urea-Formaldehyde) for plywood - Code of practice
IS 15786 (pdf)
IS 15786 (txt)
2008Prelaminated cement bonded particle board -Specification
IS 15791 (pdf)
IS 15791 (txt)
2007Museum plywood -Specifiction
IS 15877 (pdf)
IS 15877 (txt)
2010Coir Faced Block Boards -Specification
IS 15878 (pdf)
IS 15878 (txt)
2010Coir Hardboard for General Purposes -Specification
IS 15932-1 (pdf)
IS 15932-1 (txt)
2012Selection and Use of various types of Lignocellulosic Panel Products - Code of Practice, Part 1: Medium Density Particle Boards
IS 15972 (pdf)
IS 15972 (txt)
2012Bamboo-Jute Composite Corrugated and Semi-Corrugated Sheets - Specification
IS 15973-2 (pdf)
IS 15973-2 (txt)
2013Selection and Use of Various Types of Lignocellulosic Panel Products - Code of Practice, Part 2: Hardboards

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