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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Civil Engineering
Section Name: Doors, Windows and Shutter (CED 11)

IS 1003-1 (pdf)
IS 1003-1 (txt)
2003Timber Panelled and Glazed Shutters, Part 1: Door shutters -
IS 1003-2 (pdf)
IS 1003-2 (txt)
1994Timber Panelled And Glazed Shutters, Part 2: Windows and Ventilator Shutters
IS 1038 (pdf)
IS 1038 (txt)
1983Specification For Steel Doors, Windows And Ventilators
IS 1081 (pdf)
IS 1081 (txt)
1960Code of practice for fixing and glazing of metal (steel and aluminium) doors, windows and ventilators
IS 1361 (pdf)
IS 1361 (txt)
1978Specification for steel windows for industrial buildings
IS 1948 (pdf)
IS 1948 (txt)
1961Specification for aluminium doors, windows and ventilators
IS 1949 (pdf)
IS 1949 (txt)
1961Specification for Aluminium Windows for Industrial Buildings
IS 2191-1 (pdf)
IS 2191-1 (txt)
1983Wooden Flush Door Shutters (Cellular and Hollow Core Type), Part 1: Plywood Face Panels
IS 2191-2 (pdf)
IS 2191-2 (txt)
1983wooden flush door shutters (cellular and hollow core type): Part 2 Particle board and hardboard face panels
IS 2202-1 (pdf)
IS 2202-1 (txt)
1999wooden flush door shutters (solid core type): Part 1 Plywood face panels
IS 2202-2 (pdf)
IS 2202-2 (txt)
1983wooden flush door shutters (solid core type): Part 2 Particle board and hardboard face panels
IS 4020-1 to 16 (pdf)
IS 4020-1 to 16 (txt)
1998Door Shutters - Methods of Tests
IS 4021 (pdf)
IS 4021 (txt)
1995Timber Door, Window and Ventilator Frames -
IS 4043 (pdf)1969Recommendations for Symbolic Designation of Direction of Closing and Faces of Doors, Windows and Shutters
IS 4351 (pdf)
IS 4351 (txt)
2003Steel Door Frames -
IS 4913 (pdf)
IS 4913 (txt)
1968Code of Practice for Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Timber Doors and Windows
IS 6198 (pdf)
IS 6198 (txt)
1992ledged, braced and battened timber door shutters
IS 6248 (pdf)
IS 6248 (txt)
1979Metal Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grills
IS 10428 (pdf)1983Glossary of terms relating to doorsISO 1804
IS 10451 (pdf)
IS 10451 (txt)
1983steel sliding shutters (top hung type)
IS 10521 (pdf)
IS 10521 (txt)
1983collapsible gates
IS 14856 (pdf)
IS 14856 (txt)
2000Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Panel Type Door Shutters for Internal Use -
IS 15380 (pdf)
IS 15380 (txt)
2003Moulded Raised High Density Fibre (HDF) Panel Doors -

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