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[   ]0-CoverLetter.pdfCover Letter
[   ]0-DocketingNotice.pdfDocketing Notice
[   ]Application.pdfApplication and Motion for Fee Exemption
[   ]Declaration.1.pdfDeclaration of Brewster Kahle
[   ]Declaration.2.pdfDeclaration of Brian W. Carver
[   ]Declaration.3.pdfDeclaration of Tami Gierloff
[   ]Declaration.4.pdfDeclaration of Laura Orr
[   ]Declaration.5.pdfDeclaration of Matthew James Sag
[   ]Declaration.6.pdfDeclaration of Daniel Martin Katz
[   ]Declaration.7.pdfDeclaration of Robert J. Rosenthal
[   ]Declaration.8.pdfDeclaration of Carl Malamud
[   ]Exhibit.A.pdfExhibit A: 2008-02-11, 1.8 Million Pages of U.S. Case Law Now Available
[   ]Exhibit.B.pdfExhibit B: 2008-05-03, Letter to the Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal
[   ]Exhibit.C.pdfExhibit C: 2008-07-16, Letter from the Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal
[   ]Exhibit.D.pdfExhibit D: 2008-10-24, Letter to the Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal
[   ]Exhibit.E.pdfExhibit E: 2009-01-28, Letter from the Honorable Royce C. Lamberth
[   ]Exhibit.F.pdfExhibit F: 2009-02-27, Letter from U.S. Senator Joseph I. Lieberman
[   ]Exhibit.G.pdfExhibit G: 2009-03-26, Letter from the Judicial Conference of the United States
[   ]Exhibit.H.pdfExhibit H: 2009-06-23, Prepared Remarks of Carl Malamud
[   ]Exhibit.I.pdfExhibit I: 2009-11-02, Stars and Stripes
[   ]Exhibit.J.pdfExhibit J: 2008-10-05, Letter to the Federal Trade Commission and Dept. of Defense
[   ]Exhibit.K.pdfExhibit K: 2013-07-02, Letter to the Internal Revenue Service
[   ]Exhibit.L.pdfExhibit L: 2013-07-15, Letter from 43 Members of Congress
[   ]Exhibit.M.pdfExhibit M: 2013-07-23, Letter from Chairmen Boustany and Johnson
[   ]Exhibit.N.pdfExhibit N: 2013-09-16, Letter from the Acting Commission of the IRS
[   ]Exhibit.O.pdfExhibit O: 2014-07-07, Letters to the 7 Administration Officials
[   ]Exhibit.P.pdfExhibit P: 2015-03-30, Letter to the Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal
[   ]Order.pdfOrder and Denial